Take Action:

Meet the Combatants for Peace in Israel and Palestine (talks, actions, individual tours & Group Tours)

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Bring Activists from Palestine and Israel to speak in your community:

Public events can be held in synagogues, mosques, churches, community centers, universities and more. We have also spoken in private homes, to Sisterhood of Salaam Shalom Chapters, and to Rotary Clubs. The Combatants are sure to engage and inspire. Learn More.

Screen the documentary, “Disturbing the Peace” 

Screen the award winning documentary Disturbing the Peace in your community. Afterwards, host a q&a with two of our Combatants for Peace activists for a thirty minute discussion to answer questions about the conflict and our movement. Read More.

Organize a book group or film series, using Combatants for Peace media

Along with Disturbing the Peace, there have been several films made about Combatants for Peace – or which tell the stories of our activists including Objector and Within the Eye of the Storm. There is also the four-part BBC mini-series, The Promise, which features Combatants for Peace in a guest appearance. Host a series on the topic of Israel/Palestine. In addition, several books have come out about our work as well, including the award winning, Apeirogon and In this Place Together

Host a “Transformation Series”

This is an intensive, three-part series featuring one of our leading activists, diving deep into his or her personal experience as well as your own. This series is meant to transform on every level, from the personal to the political. Learn More.

Host a “Living Room Dialogue” – a way to bring the voices of Palestinians and Israelis into your own living room with your friends and community

Join us as local activists in your community share the stories of the Combatants for Peace leaders. These readings will be followed by a training on the techniques of “Compassionate Listening” followed by a discussion. Learn More.

Run For Freedom

Are you an experienced runner? Or just looking for the motivation to begin? Join our community of runners from Palestine, Israel, New York City and beyond, and use your athleticism and/or enthusiasm to support Combatants for Peace. Sign up for a local run, and donate the money you raise to Combatants for Peace Learn More.

Host a Birthday Fundraiser

Is it your birthday? Want to support Combatants for Peace? Reach out and let us know and we will design a personalized webpage for you and your friends to give in honor of your birthday.

Bring Social Justice into your Passover Seder

Make your family or community seder a seder dedicated to freedom for all people. Download our two Passover Hagaddah inserts and bring real questions of freedom into your seder this year. Four Sons & Four Questions & Second Cup of Wine

Volunteer or work with American Friends of CfP

There are many volunteer opportunities available and many more creative ways to get involved. Interested in a job or an internship? Here are some opportunities to work more closely with us. If you are interested in getting involved locally, in your community, please email office@afcfp.org and we can connect you to activists in our area.