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Upcoming Election Series:

The State of Democracy:
The intersections between the Balfour Demonstrations in Israel, Palestinian voting rights and Voter Suppression in the USA

October 22
1pm ET (10 am PT, 8pm Jerusalem Time)
with Avner Wishnitzer, Kochav Lohamim and Aziz Abu Sarah

Aziz Abu Sarah was the first Palestinian to run for Mayor of Jerusalem. He is an entrepreneur, speaker, peace builder and author. He is a National Geographic Explorer and a TED Fellow. In 2009, Aziz co-founded MEJDI Tours, a cultural exploration vehicle for an ever-changing travel market. He was named one of the 500 most influential Muslims in the World by the Royal Strategic Centre in Jordan for 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, and 2014. 

Avner Wishnitzer served as a combatant in the elite unit Sayeret Matkal (1994-1998), and later as a reserve soldier in that same unit. In late 2004 he publicly refused to serve in the occupied territories, and about a year later was among the founders of Combatants for Peace.  In 2010 he was awarded the IIE Goldberg Prize for Peace in the Middle East, together with CFP co-founder Bassam Aramin. Avner is a faculty member in the Department of Middle Eastern and African History at Tel Aviv University. 

Where do we go from here:
How do the election results impact the future of peace?

November 10
12pm ET (9am PT, 7pm Jerusalem)
co-hosted by The Foundation for Middle East Peace and Churches for Middle East Peace
with speakers Lara Friedman, Maya Berry and Galia Golan
Moderated by Mae Elise Cannon

Lara Friedman is the President of the Foundation for Middle East Peace (FMEP). With more than 25 years working in the Middle East foreign policy arena, Lara is a leading authority on U.S. foreign policy in the Middle East, with particular expertise on the Israeli-Arab conflict, Israeli settlements, Jerusalem, and the role of the U.S. Congress. She is published widely in the U.S. and international press and is regularly consulted by members of Congress and their staffs, by Washington-based diplomats, by policy-makers in capitals around the world, and by journalists in the U.S. and abroad.

Maya Berry is Executive Director of the Arab American Institute, steering the Institute’s policy agenda. In 1996 she established AAI’s first Government Relations department, which she led for 5 years before becoming Legislative Director for House Minority Whip David Bonior, where she developed policies on international relations, human rights, trade, and immigration. Berry started her career in public service working for ACCESS, the nation’s oldest and largest Arab American human services non-profit. Berry is also the founder of MidAmr Group, a private consulting firm dedicated to enhancing US-Arab economic, political, and cultural cooperation.

Galia Golan, PhD, has been a leading Israeli peace activist and scholar for many decades, having co-founded and served in the leadership of Peace Now and a number of women’s local and international peace groups. Currently she a leading member of Combatants for Peace. Professor Golan is the author of ten single-authored books, most recent of which is Israeli Peacemaking since 1967: Factors Behind the Breakthroughs and Failures.

Rev. Dr. Mae Elise Cannon is the Executive Director of Churches for Middle East Peace and an ordained pastor in the Evangelical Covenant Church (ECC). Cannon formerly served as the senior director of Advocacy and Outreach for World Vision U.S. on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC; as consultant to the Middle East for child advocacy issues for Compassion International in Jerusalem; as the executive pastor of Hillside Covenant Church located in Walnut Creek, California; and as director of development and transformation for extension ministries at Willow Creek Community Church in Barrington, Illinois.

Upcoming Online Events

Global Nonviolence Festival, Organized by NVC Rising
Activism Hub: “Combatants For Peace” living Non violence in action”
Oct 16-19
Feauring Souli Khatib and Chen Alon speaking on October 17th of the festival. Their  talk will focus on transformation, dialogue, non-violence, action-reflection, activist as spect-actors (using theatre…), private/collective memories, trauma, hope, creating a third narrative, co-resistance (and more…). All these are embedded in our “personal stories” that we will share about,  above all we hope we’ll have the chance to have dialogue with you the participants of this session.
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Overcoming Boundaries
Links between the work of Combatants for Peace in Palestine/Israel and antiracist work in Berlin
October 28
19:00-20:30 UHR (Berlin)
Organized by German Friends of Combatants for Peace
Moderated by Dr. Muriel Asseburg and the German Institute for International and Security Affairs
with Iris Rajanayagam (Mart-splitta), Dr. Sabrina Dittus (Philosopher and film maker), and two Combatants for Peace activists
Please note the talk is in English, but the registration process is in German

Leadership Call
November 11
2pm ET (11am PT, 9pm Jerusalem)
with Tuly Flint and Rafa Mismar
Organized for our Clergy Council, Academic Council and Advisory Board. If you are clergy in a congregation, or a professor at a University and want to join our leadership team, please contact us.

Topol Summit on Nonviolence and Nonviolent Resistance Today
November 12, 9am-5pm
Sponsored by the Harvard-Kennedy School, CARR Center for Human Rights Policy
Summit Chair: Dr. Erica Chenoweth
Featuring Combatants for Peace speakers, Sulaiman Khatib and Galia Golan
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“Combatants Rising Together”
Featured at  the Sisterhood of
Salaam/Shalom Conference
November 15
11:40am-12:40pm ET & 2:35-3:35pm ET
with Tarek Masserini, Sulaiman Khatib and Tuly Flint
Tarek Maassarani is a community organizer and teacher of strategic nonviolence, mediation, dialogue facilitation, restorative/transformative justice and Nonviolent Communication. He focuses his work in Washington, D.C. area, the Middle East and Africa. Our speakers will speak at two sessions of the conference.
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Public Webinar
Building strength from within:
Combating systems of oppression, injustice and mass incarceration.

November 18
1pm ET (10am PT, 8pm Jerusalem)
Talk sponsored by “Inside Circle”

Eldra Jackson III is the Co-Executive Director Inside Circle. He is a writer and sought after public speaker on the topics of at-risk youth advocacy, effective criminal justice rehabilitation and turning around ‘toxic’ masculinity, Eldra brings clarity of purpose, mission focus, and inspiration to his role at Inside Circle. He was an inmate at New Folsom Prison when he found Inside Circle and began the inner personal journey that eventually led to his release in 2014 and his current leadership role. A living example of successful rehabilitation and re-entry, Eldra has dedicated his free time on the outside to serving at-risk youth, and acting as a facilitator, trainer, and mentor.

Sulaiman Khatib is Co-Founder and co-Director of Combatants for Peace, and was nominated for the 2017 & ’18 Nobel Peace Prize, on behalf of Combatants for Peace. He is a Board Member of ‘Middle East Initiative’ and is a local Palestinian organizer who has been recognized internationally for his contributions to promoting, peace, social justice and equality for all. He was incarcerated at the age of 14 for taking part in the violent resistance against the occupation. After studying Mandela, MLK Jr and Gandhi in jail, he became committed to nonviolent resistance and activism as the method to free his people. He is a renown speaker and lecturer worldwide.

VIP Reception
November 19
1:30pm ET (10:30am PT, 8:30pm Jerusalem)
with Elie Avidor and Osama Elewat
A special online event for all our monthly donors, where they will have the opportunity to speak privately with our Combatants for Peace leadership.
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Mejdi Tours Zoom Reunion
December 1
1pm ET (10am PT, 8pm Jerusalem)
with Shai Goren and Aziz Abu Sarah
Organized for participants of the CfP/Mejdi tours in 2018 and 2019

Check out our USA Events Page for more information on events in your area.

Previous Events & Tours:

October 2020

Online Talks

Screening of Disturbing the Peace
October 6, The Philadelphia Chapter of American Friends of CfP organized an online screening of Disturbing the Peace for their community, followed by a short discussion via Zoom.

Israel, The Arab States and Palestine: Where Are We Now?
October 8, Hosted by The Houston Seminar. In August, the United Arab Emirates became the first Arab state in decades to normalize its relations with Israel. Bahrain soon followed suit, and more Arab States may follow. But one thorny issue remains untouched: Palestine. Dr. Galia Golan, longtime academic and peace activist, spoke  via Zoom from her home in Israel to provide unique insights into what the recent Arab-Israeli agreements may mean for the futures of Israel and of Palestine.  Watch the Recording

The Israel-UAE-Bahrain Deal: how will it impact Israel, Palestine and the USA Elections?
October 12, with Professor Galia Golan and Nizar Farsakh
Nizar Farsakh was a member of the Palestinian negotiating team advising senior Palestinian leaders including President Abbas, Prime Minister Fayyad and various ministries. He is currently chair of the  Board of the Palestine Museum in Washington,  D.C. Galia Golan, PhD, has been a leading Israeli peace activist and scholar for many decades, having co-founded and served in the leadership of Peace Now and a number of women’s local and international peace groups. Watch the Recording

The Reality in the Jordan Valley.
October 18 with Kochav Shachar, Osama Iliwat and Human Rights Lawyer Itay Mack. This recording is in Hebrew.

Sumud: Helping Palestinian communities stay on their land

Rebuilding homes demolished by the occupation: The army demolished three homes in the Palestinian village of Fasail in early October. on Monday, October 12th Cfpeace activists visited the village to see how we could help repair the damage that was done to the community. We coordinated with several other organizations to arrange a large tent as a temporary shelter for the family.

The Jordan Valley Coalition: Our activists  also continue to walk weekly with Shepherds in the villages of Nuema and Oja, protecting the local communities from settler and military violence. They also brought clothing and other essential supplies to families, and especially children, in need.

Helping with the Olive Harvest: Our activists gathered October 16, in a solidarity action with the family of Arafat for olive picking in Sawiya, south of Nablus. When we arrived, the army declared the area a “closed military zone” and ordered us to evacuate from the orchards. Only a dozen activists managed to stay alongside the local Palestinian families to help them out in their work. Once more the Israeli occupying army showed its intention to disrupt any joint move between Palestinians and Israelis to materialize peace and resist the illegal occupation.

Protests and Demonstrations

Our activists partnered with a other anti-occupation activists from different NGO’s and created a massive art piece in Rabin square the morning of October 14, by pasting black fabric to create immense geometrical letters saying “Democracy or occupation”. The inscription was photographed and filmed by media drones before it was quickly dismantled by the police.

The Balfour demonstrations have continued every weekend, larger than ever, despite the Israeli lockdown.

Empowering the Next Generation of Leaders

The Freedom School: October 16, the second cohort of  the freedom school met today, in their first follow-up meeting since the educational intensive (part one) of their fellowship ended, and their internships (part two) started.

New Members Workshop: On Saturday, October 17th the Palestinian side of Combatants for Peace organized a full day new members workshop for local activists. The workshop had overwhelming interest, we had 80 applicants for 40 spots!

Raising Women’s Voices: We embarked on a storytelling training for two of our leading women activists. These two women will be trained by a professional storyteller to become international and local spokeswomen for the movement.


September 2020

Protests & Demonstrations

Every week Combatants for Peace activists participate in the Balfour Protests, demanding PM Bibi Netanyahu resign.  The protests bring in tens of thousands of Israelis from across the political spectrum. This article, by one of our young women activists, explains what the Balfour protests mean to her and her community.

Updates from the Galilee

Events held in  the Galilee encourage activists and lay-people to learn about the history  of the Nakba and Palestinian dispossession since 1948:On Friday, Sept 4th, “Freedom School” participants met in the abandoned Palestinian village – Ma’alul. These Israeli Youth heard one Palestinian elder tell his moving story about his family’s exile from their village in 1948. Many questions were raised, thoughts/feelings were shared, and everyone felt the intense need to work together to create a future of peace, equality and freedom for all Palestinians and Israelis. On September 11th, we organized an outdoor trip to the destroyed villages of Biriem and Ikrith to learn about their history. Watch the video.

Welcoming New Leadership

We are pleased to welcome Sulaiman Khatib, Combatants for Peace co-founder into his new role as the Palestinian Director, as of September 1st. We also opened our very first office in Palestine, in Beit Jala, and are hiring a Palestinian office staff to provide a more professional infrastructure and base of support, to grow the movement and expand the network of activists. Read more about our new leadership this month.

Jordan Valley Coalition

Combatants for Peace activists have continued their work with Palestinian Shepherding families, walking with them on a weekly, or daily basis to protect them from the violence they face from settlers and the military. Please scroll down to the August report to see more details of the two families we walk with regularly. The coalition’s work focuses in the communities of Nuema, Auja, Dir Jrir and Khamra. We also brought more clothing donations this month, and were also able to donate a computer to a family who needed it, but could never otherwise afford to buy one.

“Learning Peace” Seminar

A talk on “Balfour demonstrations and the anti-occupation movement” with CfP activist Kochav Shahar, journalist Ariana Melamed and Ariel Bernshtain from Breaking the Silence as speakers. The talk was held in Hebrew. The recording with subtitles in English will be available in a few weeks.

American Events

An update from Philadelphia, September 13:
“This morning we presented Combatants for Peace to the Adult Academy at the First United Methodist Church of Germanown before their zoom service.  There were about 25 people participating and it went very well. We showed the Souli/Chen film clip and then slides from our trip to Israel/Palestine with Combatants for Peace in 2018.  The minister was on the Zoom and had met Combatants years ago.  We had very good Q/A and interest from the congregants.  All in all, a good morning.”   -The Philadelphia American Friends of CfP Chapter

August 2020

Protests & Demonstrations

August 7th, marked the 12th consecutive week of Friday protests in Hares. Every Friday members of Combatants for Peace’s central group joins Hares residents’ prayers, facing Israeli soldiers and police who prevent them from praying in the olive grove where 200 trees were uprooted three months ago by people from the nearby Revava settlement.

Every Saturday CFP joins the Balfur protests, alongside thousands of Israeli citizens. The protest takes place across the street from the Prime Minister’s residence. Together we demand that he leave office, given his corruption charges on three counts: lying, bribery and breach of trust.  Combatants for Peace brings occupation to the forefront of these protests, reminding the public the effect  the occupation has on Israel’s civic life. The formation of an Apartheid system in the occupied territories prevents Israel being a democratic sate, to the billion of shekels spent on maintaining the occupation, and as a result the creation of a dire financial situation in Israel proper when COVID struck the population.

Combatants for Peace activist, Rafa Mismar, from Ramallah spoke to Israelis in Independence Park in Jerusalem, who were demonstrating against the military rule imposed on Palestinians by Netanyahu’s government. Thursday, August 13. Watch

The North group of Combatants have  also joined the protests, coming out to the streets in both Nazareth & Nof-Hagalil junction, alongside our partners Standing Together. The call to stop the corruption and end the occupation is being heard across the Nation.

Combatants for Peace members joined a Palestinian demonstration against the harrasement of Palestinian farmers on their land by Israeli settlers, near the village of Dir Istia, August 13

August 15th we participated in a week-long march organized from Haifa to Jerusalem, denouncing the unpunished, systematic violence against Israeli-Arab communities. We walked from Latrun to Abu Gosh along with bereaved mothers and fathers who lost their children to this violence. With them we called for more equality in the way the Israeli police investigate crimes perpetrated within Jewish and Arab communities.

The Jordan Valley Coalition

The Coalition has continued walking with Neuima community members, around Jericho, on a daily basis. They have also been walking daily with the community in Oja. There have been a few attacks by settlers and the army during this time, but the violence stays contained when our activists remain with the Shepherds, protecting the communities. For the past few months, we have been focusing on a few particular families: one family of Shepherds, Ismail and Nadia and their six children in the North. They have been continually harassed by the local outpost, “Omer.” In Oja we have been walking with two brothers, Mohamed and Ahmed, also protecting them from the violence they face from settlers. We have also brought the brothers a cooking stove for gas, clothing and binoculars.

Updates from the Galilee

August 22nd we met in the Catholic church that remained in Maa’lul village site for a cleaning session. The community of Maa’lul hosted us for several meetings and we wanted to give something back. As always we find that working together builds connections beyond dialogue. Maalul’s Church is being maintained by the community of the Village displaced families.

“We came this morning to the village site, where only two churches and a mosque remained after the village destruction in July 1948. The State of Israel does not allow the Mosque to be renewed, and the Catholic church is maintained by its internal displaced community which lives in the nearby village. We came to help clean the church which was built in 1930 with an adjacent space that served as an elementary school. Abu-Bshara who learned in the school was among our hosts today.  I felt that cleaning the place was also about acknowledgement: Acknowledging the History, and Acknowledging the belonging of this community to this land.” -Itamar Feigenbaum, CfPeace activist

On Aug 27 we met for a group planning meeting in Nazareth. We came out with planning three activities/excursions for September and October. The goal of these excursions is to learn the stories of different villages that were destroyed in 1948 and to hear personal stories of displaced Palestinians in Israel. Deeper knowledge of the Palestinian Nakba will give us better understanding of how to end the conflict and more hope.

Online Events and Webinars

  • “A History of Negotiations” hosted by J Street’s, J Stream. With CfPeace leader, Galia Golan. August 19. Watch the video.
  • “Narratives  of Conflict, Complexity and Transformation”Hosted by Seeds of Peace featuring Combatants for Peace co-founder Souli Khatib, August 3
  • Private Event: Souli & Tuly share their personal stories in a private event on August 11th. Watch  the video.

July 2020

The Freedom School

We had the great honor of welcoming the second cohort of Israeli young adults who have joined our “Freedom School” (Midreshet Dror). The trainees will go through an intensive 6-week-long study program, intending to make them lead activists of tomorrow. They spend these first six weeks learning about the reality of  the occupation, and have the opportunity to  hear from communities living under occupation. Then they are placed in four-month long internships and work directly to end the occupation. Together we are working in partnership with Breaking the Silence and Achvat Amim to make this program a success. Our first meeting with the new group was July 7th, where we welcomed twelve young adult participants.

The Jordan Valley Coalition

The Coalition has been walking with communities around Jericho on a daily basis this month, protecting them from settler and military violence. In the north, they have  been  blocked from walking with the Shepherds, due to the shut-downs from the Coronavirus. Yet, the local communities are reporting  that they have been experiencing fewer attacks from settlers during this time than they have for years, due to the shut-downs

Commemoration of the village of Mal’ul in the North

Commemoration event, marking the anniversary of when the village of Mal’ul, a village next to Nazareth in the North, was expelled and exiled in 1948. Due to restrictions of the virus, the ceremony was turned into a hour-long commemoration video. Watch the video (Hebrew and arabic subtitles only).

In the week of the anniversary of the expulsion of Maalul village near Nazareth in July 15th 1948 we met with Mr. Muhammad Kial, co-founder, of the commitee for the rights of the inner displaced Palestinians for a conversation about the history of the displaced Palestinians and key issues to address to solve the problem of the displaced and refugees.

Protests & Demonstrations

Protests  have been happening nearly every weekend in July in Jerusalem. Combatants for Peace activists participated informally, and towards the end of the month, the steering committee formally decided to bring CfP into the protests. Our activists marched outside the Prime Minister’s home, calling for an end to corruption and an end to the occupation. Watch a video clip from the protest.

200 olive trees were uprooted a month ago in the village of Haris. The local Palestinian communities, along with cfp activists have been praying in the field on fridays as quiet demonstrations against this injustice. This Past Friday,  July 3rd, the army did not let the community pass through the Haris gate. So we stood in front of soldiers and told them the background of the event, explaining to them the injustice they were supporting and committing. Watch the video.

USA Based Activism

  • New Hampshire volunteers are building a program that can be replicated on zoom, where they share the stories of the CfP activists and hold discussions afterwards their local communities.
  • North Carolina volunteers signed a local International Day of Peace Proclmation alongside other local peace groups in Asheville.
  • Philadelphia volunteers are organizing an online screening of Disturbing the Peace and discussion, for their local community.
  • Curriculum Building volunteers from New York and Los Angeles are working together to put together Bar/Bat Mitzvah curriculum, teaching kids and their families about the work of Combatants for Peace and educating them about the situation in Palestine and Israel.

Online Events and Webinars:

  • Learning Peace Webinar: Activism for Human Rights in Conflict Situations: Tactics and Actions Under Fire,  July 22
    With speakers, Omar Shakir, the Israel and Palestine Director at Human Rights Watch and Abir Joubran Dakwar, the Unit Director of Human Rights in the Occupied Territories in The Association of Civil Rights in Israel. Watch the Recording. Watch the Recording
  • Hampshire Peace Action Peace & Justice Conversation Series: Combatants for Peace, on July 20th our New Hampshire volunteers presented to their community the inspiration they have found from meeting Combatants for Peace activists.
  • Mandela’s Legacy: Then and Now
    Organized by Social Workers for Peace & Social Welfare and Ossim-Shalom on July 19
    Featuring a panel of speakers from throughout the Peace-camp, honoring and highlighting Mandela’s legacy. Combatants for Peace activist, Souli Khatib sent a recorded video message, which was shared at the event.
  • Emanuel Synagogue Talk: “Peace Is Possible”
    Sydney, Australia on July 19 with two Combatants for Peace activists sharing their personal stories of transformation and the work they are doing to end the occupation and bring peace.
  • Discussion with United Nations Leadership & Civil Society Peacebuilders
    July 13 – Combatants for Peace activist, Souli Khatib spoke alongside Nickolay E. Mladenov, United Nations Special Coordinator for the Middle East Peace Process in a private conference for civil society peace-building leadership in Palestine and Israel.
  • Art & Activism
    July 3 – Featuring CfPeace activist, Chen Alon, in a conversation about theater and social justice Watch the Recording
  • An in-depth Discussion on Israel’s Annexation of the West Bank/Palestine
    Organized by Mejdi Tours on July 2 Watch the Recording

June 2020

Anti-Annexation Campaign Continues!

Webinar Series: The Effects of Annexation on Communities and Families
Israel’s threatened annexation of the West Bank poses severe human rights consequences for Palestinian people, families, and communities in the newly annexed area. While much coverage has focused on the impact of annexation on the stalled Oslo process, it is critical that all of us who care about the future of Israel and Palestine, hear directly from Palestinians whose human rights will be affected by annexation.

June 9
Sponsored by Extend, Solidarity of Nations – Achvat Amim and The Center for Jewish Nonviolence
Featuring Combatants for Peace activists Osama Iliwat and Elie Avidor
Watch the Recording

June 14
Sponsored by If Not Now
Featuring Combatants for Peace activists Sulaiman Khatib and Galia Galili
Watch the Recording

June 15
Sponsored by Partners for Progressive Israel
Featuring Combatants for Peace activists Rafa Mismar and Shai Goren
Watch the Recording

***Recommended Talk***
June 23

Sponsored by J Street
Featuring Combatants for Peace activists Sulaiman Khatib and Tuly Flint
Watch the Recording

June 24
Sponsored by Telos
Featuring Combatants for Peace activists Osama Iliwat and Galia Galili
Watch the Recording

June 29
Sponsored by Creativity for Peace
Featuring all female activists, Rafa Mismar and Galia Galili from Combatants for Peace  alongside speakers from the women’s leadership program, Creativity for Peace. This talk  focuses on how women, in particular, will be effected by the annexation.
Watch the Recording

Israel’s Proposed Annexation of the West Bank: Implications for Statehood
Organized by Critical Connections, June 30
Featuring CfPeace activist, Osama Iliwat
Watch the Recording

  • Combatants for Peace organized a demonstration with several hundred Palestinian and Israeli activists joining together to rally against the impending annexation in the West Bank. The march started at the Dead Sea Junction at the entrance to Jericho, known as ‘Almog Junction’ and continued on Settler’s Road 90. The march was coordinated by Combatants for Peace and was supported by an alliance of Palestinian and Israeli organizations working against the occupation including Breaking the Silence, Standing Together, Zaytuna, All That’s Left, Achvat Amim, Zimam, Maavat Nidal, The Bereaved Parents Circle – Families Forum and The Zazim Foundation. Joining the protest the was also Palestinian Governor of Jericho Jihad Abu Al-Asal and former Israeli Knesset member Talab Al-Sana. Article & Photos
  • New Voice, a new group of Combatants for Peace, made a video of Israeli Knesset members speaking out against the impending annexation. View Video
  • German Friends of Combatants for Peace circulated a “call for action”,  calling upon the German government to “take a leading role against annexation and to prevent any escalation of violence in the Near East.” Read the Letter
  • Combatants for Peace addressed all members of the UN Security Council yesterday, on the question of annexation. In the letters we sent, we requested that if the annexation plan is approved by the Israeli government, UN Security Council member states should exercise their powers under Chapter VII of the UN Charter, and impose sanctions on the State of Israel, as well as on the three top Israeli officials responsible for the illegal and dangerous annexation plan: Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Defense Minister and Alternate Prime Minister Benjamin Gantz and Foreign Minister Gabi Ashkenazi. Sanctions should include the freezing of their personal assets and the imposition of restrictions on their freedom to travel. A unilateral annexation of parts of the West Bank would constitute a violation of international treaties and UN Security Council resolutions. Letter to UN Security Council members 22.6.2020
  • On June 22, activists participated in a mass demonstration in Jericho, and  on June 25th in Habima, both protesting the annexation.
  • Combatants for Peace with two other anti-occupation organizations and the objector’s movement in Israel, wrote a letter to the German Minister of Foreign Affairs, Heiko Maas. They requested that the German government, “objects to the annexation in a clear and loud voice and applies the full range of sanctions and actions of International Law to prevent its realization.” The move took place as the German Minister visited Israeli, Palestinian and Jordanian counterparts yesterday. Read the Letter
  • Anti-Annexation Protest, June 6th in Rabin Square in Tel Aviv – Combatants for Peace partnered with 25 peace organizations to put together a rally against the impending annexation and ongoing occupation. CfPeace activist, Sulaiman Khatib was asked to speak (via video) alongside USA Senator Bernie Sanders and many others. Here’s a quote from CfP activists, Ella Nour about the protest: “It was exciting to see so many people, Palestinians and Jews, men and women, young and old, unwilling to accept the annexation plan. They came to the square to protest and to fight for our country, for our future and the future of our Palestinian neighbors. I was moved to see all these people gathered around the same idea. The annexation plan will only deepen the occupation. It will hurt the prospect of real peace, and of a Palestinian state next to the State of Israel. Thousands of people have come from far and wide to keep Israel democratic. We will not let the annexation plan be launched and we will continue to fight for democracy!” See photos here.


“Cultivating Young Leadership”
Featuring Combatants for Peace activists Chen Alon and Sulaiman Khatib, in collaboration with “Creativity for Peace”, a young women’s leadership program and musical artist Issa Noor, who performed for the first 30 minutes of the broadcast.
June 4
Watch the Recording

“The Intersection of Human Rights and Environmental Activism”
Featuring Liam Geary Baulch and Yaara Peretz, founders of Extinction Rebellion will join Gidon Bromberg, Israeli Director of Ec0Peace Middle East, for a talk about Environmental activism in a conflict zone. What can anti-occupation and human rights activists learn from environmental activists? How do our movements intersect?
June 1
Watch the Recording

The Jordan Valley

The Jordan Valley Coalition has shifted its work from the north to the area around Jericho, and is walking with the shepherds nearly everyday in the villages of Rashest, Ein El Hilwae and Farsia, and in the areas around Tayibe junction and near Uja. Activists from the coalition started going out again around mid-may (after the quarantine restrictions were lifted). There is often violence from settlers and/or military, and our activists’ presence protects the local communities.

Acts of violence against Palestinians living in the West Bank are relentless, and increasing now due to the impending annexation. They take place on a daily basis. We video documented one specific case among many: the destruction of eight family homes a few kilometers from the town of Jericho. The harassment takes many forms. For example – demanding that the shepherds move away from grazing land (even if the shepherds own the land and cultivate it), allowing the settlers’ cattle to eat the produce that the shepherds planted, dispersing the shepherds’ sheep by driving vehicles into the herds, erecting fences and digging trenches to prevent the shepherds from free movement, uprooting or burning their fruit and olive trees, detaining and arresting shepherds on trumped up charges, destroying the shepherds’ home tents and stealing their property, confiscating their tractors and work tools, vandalizing their solar panels.

The basis of our work in the Jordan Valley consists of accompanying Palestinian shepherds in the West Bank in order to deter the Israeli settlers and soldiers from harassing them, and when necessary we use the services of a lawyer to try to right the wrongs that are being done to the Palestinians. We also help the families who need things like clothes, shoes, toys, cooking utensils and sometimes money to pay for medicines or fines. In June we made a collection to buy special food for newly born premature twins.

In addition, this month there is activity with internally displaced Arabs from the village of Ma’alul in the Galilee. A meeting is planned with Palestinian citizens of the state who were displaced from their village in 1948 to express solidarity and see what we can do to help the community. They have been living about 2 km outside their own village and are not allowed to return to their homes.

  • We also joined the many protests against the deplorable killing of a young autistic Palestinian, Eyad, that occurred on May 30 in East Jerusalem.
  • Lectures for Internationals: one lecture was organized by Amal Tikva for Tulane University Students, a second was organized by West End Synagogue in Manhattan, for their community, and  a third was organized by a private book club in New Jersey.
  • Combatants for Peace activists spoke to two groups of Israeli teens before they entered the military next year. Many of these kids had never heard stories of the occupation before. Our Palestinian speakers were brought in through webinar, since there are no permits available for Palestinians to enter Israel.
  • Combatants for Peace activists have been participating in regular protests in the Palestinian village of Haris, ever since an olive grove was demolished in late May. Every Friday the community has been gathering in prayer at the olive grove, as a quiet protest against the injustice. At the scheduled protest on June 26th, the community was not allowed to go through the Haris checkpoint, so Combatants for Peace activists held the line, and instead held the protest in front of the dozen or more soldiers who were were blocking freedom of movement for the community.

May 2020:

Launch of our Anti-Annexation Campaign

The first step was sending a letter, written by a high-profile human rights lawyer, to every member of Knesset in Israel. The letter advised that MK’s should receive private legal council before voting in favor of annexation, explaining that despite support from Gantz, Bibi and Trump, annexation is in violation of international law, and anyone voting in favor of annexation could be committing a war crime, as outlined by international law.

Combatants for Peace sent letters from high-profile Human Rights Attorney Eitay Mack, to the Prime Minister of Greece, the President of the Republic of Cyprus, Josep Borrell (the High Representative of the EU for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy), and Israel’s Prime Minister. The letters stated that if the West Bank is formally annexed by the Israeli government, then the trainings for security and military personnel from Greece and Cypus in Israel would be unlawful and *must* be canceled. Once the Israeli government formally goes forward with annexation, these trainings would unlawfully include foreign military trainings in the West Bank. The letter states that the continued training, “will be of great symbolic importance, circumventing international law and ridiculing the EU’s opposition to annexation.”

Read the Letter

Read the Press Release

Nakba Memorial Event
Our first year, launching a collaboration event with Palestinians and Israelis honoring and commemorating the history of the Nakba (Palestinian “catastrophe”) together. This is the Palestinian community’s primary day of mourning, and the first time in history a commemorative event was organized with Palestinians and Israelis together. 21,000 people watched the Ceremony online.
May 14, 2020
Watch the Recording

  • On May 29, Israeli and Palestinian CfP activists met with villagers from Hares, in the northern West Bank, for a nonviolent protest and midday prayers. We came in solidarity for one particular villager, Amjad Sultan, whose olive orchard had been partially bulldozed by nearby settlers. Activists vowed to continue in their nonviolent protests until the village was safe from the military and settlers threatening their land and lives.
  • The Jordan Valley Coalition resumes after quarantine. Our work in the Jordan Valley, walking with shepherds to protect them from settler and military violence, has resumed after the quarantine. Our activists are going out nearly every day to protect  communities in the Northern Jordan Valley.
  • Mothers Day, Listening to the ‘Stories of our Mothers’ online lecture, featuring Sarah Khatib, mother of one of our leading activists, speaking  about the time  her son was in jail, May 10
  • Finding Light Amidst the Darkness: A Talk with the Euphrates Institute – “Opposition between good and bad is often compared to light and dark, but if we look at it in a different way, we will see that when light shines, darkness does not disappear. It doesn’t leave; it merges with the light. It becomes the light.” – Thich Nhat Hanh. Global peace-builders from Palestine and several conflict zones in Africa dive in to these questions and more.
  • Combatants for Peace moved into its first-ever office space! We are using these few weeks to update our online systems, complete a re-evaluation of our organizational structure and improve the professional quality of our NGO.

April 2020:

Israeli-Palestinian Memorial Ceremony

The largest joint Israeli-Palestinian Memorial peace event in History: 200,000 people around the world watched the event live. Over 60 NGO’s around the world sponsored and promoted the event from Israel/Palestine to South America, Canada, and groups throughout Europe and the USA. This was the largest collaborative peace event in history, held on Israeli Memorial Day.
April 27, 2020
More Information
Watch the Recording

Quarantine Activism: Our Webinar Series:

“Art, Music and Theater as Forms of Resistance”
with special guest speaker and Israeli visual artist, Hanoch Piven
alongside Samira Saraya, acclaimed Palestinian actress and Chen Alon, leader of the Theater of the Oppressed in CfP
Sunday, April 19
Watch the Recording

Screening of Disturbing the Peace
followed by a talk with singer/songwriter Noa (Achinoam Nini)
April 18
Disturbing the Peace is available on Amazon Prime
Watch the zoom conversation that followed the screening

“Personal Storytelling, a Tool of Transformation”
with Special Guest Speaker, Author Scott Bergstrom
April 13
Watch the Recording

Screening of Disturbing the Peace
Followed by q&a guest speakers: filmmakers Steve Apkon and Marcina Hale
April 11
Disturbing the Peace is available on Amazon Prime
Watch the zoom conversation with our activists after the screening

“Faith in Activism: Freedom or Oppression?”
in Partnership with Churches for Middle East Peace
Tuesday, April 7
Watch the Recording

“USA Based Activism, How Can We Help the Cause?”
Wednesday, April 1

Online Talks & lectures (nearly all activism was online due to the coronavirus)

  • Educational lectures with Israeli teens, pre-military groups, April 2 & 4
  • Hebrew screening of Disturbing the Peace, followed by online question and answer session with CfPeace activists, April 4
  • International Lecture with with CfPeace activists, Sulaiman Khatib speaking to J Street U Students from the United States.
  • International Lecture about the background and details of the Memorial, with Memorial Ceremony organizers Nathan Landau and Adam Rabee, April 15
  • Hebrew lecture on being an Arab-Israeli doctor during Corona, with CfPeace activist, Orna Sajeda, April 16
  • Hebrew lecture about Palestinian Prisoners in coordination with Breaking the Silence, April 16
  • Lecture with Achvat Amim and J Street U, on using Storytelling as a tool for activism, April 20
  • Lectures with ‘Track Two Diplomacy’ an NGO based around cultivating diplomacy tactics worldwide, and a sponsor of the Joint Memorial Ceremony, April 22 &  23
  • We organized regular meetings f0r the Midrasha Freedom School,  continuing the Internship program we built before the quarantine and continuing to cultivate the skills and strengths of our Young Adult Leaders.

Tree Planting! After Israeli settlers uprooted and stole about 500 trees owned by Osama Ali Ibrahim Sabah from the Al Khader village (south of Bethlehem), Combatants for Peace donated and planted 100 olive trees. CfP adhered to the Ministry of Health’s guidelines for the Corona quarantine by keeping the participants under 10 people, who on their side will keep a safe distance from each other. April 15

March 2020:

Webinar: “How is the Corona Virus affecting life in Israel and Occupied Palestine?”
With CfP Activists Galia Galili and Sulaiman Khatib
March 26, 2020
Watch the Recording

  • We held our closing Ceremony of the “Freedom School,” launching a new generation of young adult leaders and activists into the world. The young leaders were scheduled to begin four month internships with the Peace NGO of their choice upon this “graduation,” due to the quarantine, some were able to begin these internships digitally, while others had to postpone their plans.
  • We held two meetings with Israeli pre-army student groups. The first was in the beginning of March, when we met with the students live and in person. When the Corona Quarantine hit, the 10-15 other student lectures we had planned had to be canceled. As communities slowly got more used to shifting to a digital reality, the lectures have been rescheduled, and we held our first virtual lecture with Israel teens at the end of march.
  • Our Activists launched a series of digital events, webinars and conversations, starting on March 9th with a Webinar on the current state of the Israeli elections. CfP activists Galia Golan and Osama Elewat led that call. See above for more digital events held throughout the quarantine.
  • We launched a digital campaign called #OccupationUnderCorona – documenting the human rights abuses that have increased in Occupied Palestine because of the virus. This information was circulated on our social media daily, starting the last few days of March, and will continue for as long as the quarantine continues.
  • Planning for the Joint Israeli-Palestinian Memorial Ceremony is well underway, with a professional production team working on the broadcast. Plans were thrown for a loop this month as the planning team had to entirely shift gears from organizing a live event to an entirely online broadcast. Over a dozen international groups, NGO’s, religious communities and others have answered the call to sponsor and promote the event worldwide.

West Coast Speaking Tour

Jan 26- Feb 10, 2020
Speakers: Ismail Assad, Yoni Kallai and Galia Galili
Schedule of Events

February 2020:

  • Rally against the trump plan in Tel Aviv, Feb 1st. Our co-founder Souli Khatib was quoted in Haaretz: “Building a shared future is based on respect and trust of both sides. Both sides must decide upon the future of this region.”
  • ”We hosted a “Learning  Peace” Seminar in Tel Aviv on February 2nd with guest speaker Israeli photo journalist and anti-occupation activist Oren Ziv. Oren presented photos and discussed issues connected with photo-activism for peace. His lecture was followed by the personal testimonies of two CfP activists.
  • We met with dozens of Israeli teens who are about to join the military. Most of these kids have never met a Palestinian, nor had the chance to hear his story as an equal human being. Moreover, few have been raised understand the impact of the occupation on their own people, so hear a former soldier speak out against the occupation is often revolutionary for these young people. This is the only opportunity these young teens will have to meet the “other” as a human being face-to-face, before being given a gun and ordered to stand at a checkpoint.
  • We participated in a tree-planting in the Northern West Bank village of Yasuf. The Goal of this activity is to help struggling Palestinian farmers keep their land from being confiscated by the military occupation. One critical way we do this is by planting olive trees.
  • We began a five-week long intensive political training (“Freedom School”) started for 10 young Israeli adults who recently completed their military service. Combatants for Peace has partnered with Breaking the Silence and Hashomer Hatzair to organize a variety of activities: lectures, discussions, personal development work and field visits. At the end of these five weeks, the students will participate in a 4-month internship with a peace organization of their choosing. We are hopeful that these young adults will become the next generation of activist leaders.
  • The Memorial Day Team has been assembled, and they started preliminary meetings on arranging content & finding a location for the event in April.
  • We held two international tours  – one in the  USA for two and a half  weeks, and one in Germany. We met well over 1,000 people internationally.

January 2020:

  • The Theater group put on a very successful play in Beit Jala, using theater as a form of activism, to showcase the effect of the occupation on the civilian Palestinian population, and to engage in a process of healing for both sides.
  • The Jerusalem-Bethlehem group organized a tour in the East Jerusalem neighborhood, Isaweia to introduce Israelis to the situation of life on the ground in occupied Palestine. They also participated in a protest in partnership with the villagers, protesting military brutality, home demolitions and demanding a better life.
  • Leadership workshop – learning deeper tools to help our leadership engage in successful movement building and 2020 planning.
  • Rotary Conference for World Peace: CfP activists were invited to attend the conference and gave a lecture to the  attendees.
  • We are proud to announce that after a deep and tireless search we hired a new Israeli Director! We are honored to add him to our team. Read about Yonatan here.

December 2019:

  • The village of Maalul was destroyed in the 1948 Nakba. Our activists are led a tour for Israelis and Internationals to the area, to learn about the history of Palestine & the Palestinian people.
  • CfP activists built a water catchment system for a community with no access to running water in the West Bank, followed by a tour for Israelis to see the situation under occupation in the Jordan Valley.
  • Led a tour of the East Jerusalem city of Isaweea, to expose Israelis to what life is like for Palestinians under the occupation in East Jerusalem.
  • In celebration of the first night of Hanukah (the festival of lights), Combatants for Peace activists – Israelis and Palestinians together,  lit a message, demanding freedom, in fire-light on the separation wall.
  • A meeting with Israeli teens, in Marda near Ariel Settlement. The Palestinian teens from Marda cannot go to the university that sits on top of their village, because the University will not accept Palestinians – even though the school was built on lands taken from their families.
  • The Center Group (Hares-Tulkarem) planted olive trees on the land under threat of confiscation by the Israeli Civil Authority. The land belongs to the residents of Hares and is located between the settlement of Ariel and the industrial zone Ariel West. By planting olive trees, Combatants for Peace helps Palestinian communities proclaim ownership of their land enabling more freedom of movement.
  • Steering Committee Workshop on Organizational management/planning and development – plans for 2020 are in the works.
  • Protests in East Jerusalem. Hundreds of activists from an array of organizations, including CfP demonstrated in Issawiya against the systematic violence targeted by police against the local residents. Residents often face police brutality, including violence, shock grenades, tear gas, and arrests of children.
  • Meeting of the Jerusalem – Bethlehem Group. During the meeting, residents made signage, declaring that a local water spring (which the Israeli government is hoping to claim for Jews only, by moving the checkpoint to prevent Palestinians from coming in) – should be available for *all* people. They put up these signs by the spring in the middle of the night, voicing their dissent to the government’s policies of land confiscation and separation.
  • CfP activists from the North Group joined the residents from Shufa Village, near Tulkarem, in the Northern West Bank, for a rally against the wall and settlement expansion. Residents of the village, village councils and local activist groups all called for action. The activities began with Friday prayers. After the prayers, people marched together in a nonviolent demonstration.
  • Ramallah – Tel Aviv Meeting: The Israeli Central Group and the Ramallah Palestinian group, met together near Jericho. They spent almost four hours getting to know each other, starting from learning names, They spoke about the hardships at home and outside, that the occupation creates – and they planned activities that will strengthen their community as they work together against the occupation.
  • CfP joined Breaking the Silence, Peace Now, Zazim and Standing Together to organize a tour of Hebron, in response to Defense Minister Naftali Bennett’s announcement of a new Jewish neighborhood on the wholesale market grounds in Hebron. Under the current plans, the ground floor of the residential buildings will be reserved as market stalls, but it is unlikely that local Palestinian residents will be able to access the neighborhood. We stood in solidarity with local Palestinian residents in Hebron and will continue to object to these plans which encroach further into Palestinian land

November 2019:

  • We are in an organizational restructuring/transformational period, evaluating and re-evaluating the best way to structure both CfP and AFCFP for maximum effectiveness.
  • Our local groups are getting stronger. The Bethlehem-Jerusalem met as well as the Ramallah group.
  • The theater group started to work on a new project, a filming day in Kfar Mallik. Unfortunately, a group of settlers violently attacked them and prevented them from finishing their film.
  • We organized the preparations for a new tree-planting in Kfar Mallik, but because of the settler violence we didn’t feel safe enough to go there. It was planned for the end of November, but we are postponing until preparations can be made to ensure the safety of our activists.
  • The Palestinian half of the women’s group hosted an Olive Harvest and launched a plan to rebuild and strengthen the women’s group.
  • Tour for tour guides in the Bethlehem area.
  • Seminar and tour in cooperation with Breaking the Silence and Ir Amim for tour guides who lead pre-army Israeli teens on tours of Hebron.
  • And along with the regular work happening in the Jordan Valley (on a nearly daily basis), we also spent two Saturdays with the movement in the Jordan Valley, working with the local community and Shepherd’s families there.
  • One of our leading activists, Galia Golan, gave a lecture in Ramallah to over 500 people.

East Coast Speaking Tour

November 2-14, 2019

Speakers: Tuly Flint & Sulaiman Khatib
Tour Schedule & More Information

October 2019:

  • Protest in Kfar Mallik, seeking to protect the village from infringing “out-posts” and land-theft.
  • American Friends of CfP “Fellows” Speakers Training Retreat
  • Olive Harvest in the village of Haress. Protecting the local community from violence.
  • Meeting & Lecture with the “Scouts” Movement Leaders in Israel for Israeli Youth leaders.
  • Solidarity visit to the ruins from the Army’s demolition of the Palestinian village of Walaje. Listening to the stories of the local villagers.
  • Nonviolent Communication & Nonviolent Action Training Weekend for the Moment activists.
  • Speaking at the Music Festival INDINegev to young Israeli party-goers.
  • Building a Water Reservoir for a Palestinian community in Hadidia, a community without any access to running water.

Disturbing the Peace Film Screening

Thursday, October 24th, 7pm 2019
West Asheville Library, 942 Haywood Rd, Asheville, North Carolina

Lecture by Galia Golan

Friday, September 27
Washington, D.C.
Sponsored by the Foundation for Middle East Peace

Nonviolence Training in Beit Jala

Saturday, September 26
Nonviolence training in Beit Jala with Combatants for Peace activists and our allies. Over 60 people attended the day-long training seminar. Just as Martin Luther King Jr. trained his activists in nonviolence in preparation for their civil resistance, so too, Combatants for Peace follows this model.

Meeting with Israeli Students in Jerusalem

Saturday, September 26
Movement activists met a group of Israeli students in Jerusalem. Our activists shared their personal stories and then provide a detailed explanation of the reality of life under Israeli occupation, and the ongoing work of the movement nonviolent civil resistance aiming to bring peace and equality to both peoples.

Collaboration Building with ALLMEP

Friday, September 25
Combatants for Peace meet with ALLMEP, The Alliance for Middle East Peace, to discuss the evolution of our projects and possible collaboration activities. As individuals acting alone we can do very little – together we can grow this movement into a force for change.

Lecture with American Students in Jerusalem

September 22
Combatants for Peace activists speaking to a group of American students in Jerusalem. If you’d like to bring our activists to speak to your community – please reach out and be in touch!

Lecture with German Students

September 18
Activists from Combatants for Peace, met two groups of German students in Jerusalem as part our house meetings project, aimed at raising local and international awareness about the occupation and the voice for change. We call upon the international community to join us in advocating for respect of the humanity of all people.

Protest in Kfar Malik

Friday, September 13

The villagers of Malik and Combatants for Peace activists gathered this morning for a peace prayer led by clergy from the three major denominations. The army encircled the group and prevented additional villagers from approaching; Ultimately the army intervened, dispersing the peaceful demonstrators with tear gas
The approximately 200 peace activists and the villagers gathered on village land to conduct a joint prayer and non-violent protest against the settlers’ illegal efforts to expropriate village land for the expansion of the nearby settlement Kochav Hashahar.  Following the quiet prayer and study ceremony, led by Rabbis for Human Rights, a Palestinian Christian minister and a Moslem religious figure, the group moved towards the path leading to the village itself, calling out slogans against the occupation.
The army, that had stood by watching on the edges of the meeting, now responded – dispersing the demonstrators with tear gas, and detaining one of the Palestinian journalists. One of the participants, a resident of the village, collapsed from inhalation of tear gas; he recovered after receiving first aid on the spot.

For some time now, settlers from Kochav Hashahar have been building illegal outposts on private grazing grounds belonging to the village – land expropriations that constitute war crimes.

Tuly Flint, the Israeli coordinator of Combatants for Peace said: “Only the distorted reality of occupation and apartheid can transform a non-violent demonstration of reconciliation and interfaith prayer into a scene of tear gas launched by armed soldiers against peaceful civilians.  We came here today to express solidarity with the people of the village of Malik who are standing up against the outrageous efforts by nearby settlers, efforts that are ignored – and worse – by the occupation authorities, who in fact respond with brutality characteristic of the day to day reality in the occupied territories.  At this moment, as we Israelis are about to go to the polling booths, it is important that we know and understand the depth of the iniquities that are perpetrated in our name, day after day, and the urgency of the demand to end this and to move forward.”

Rabbi Michael Marmor, Chairman of the Rabbis for Human rights Executive Committee, who participated in the prayer, said: “I came to the event to tell participants about sources from the Jewish tradition of expanding borders by trespassing. Probably some Jews, inspired by calls from state leaders for annexation and confrontation, who seek to trespass the border of their Palestinian neighbors, do so in the name of Judaism. We have come to say – it is time to interpret the sources differently. It is time to say enough for the systematic attempt to use Jewish tradition as a justification for plunder. It’s time to make it clear that there is a limit to trespassing.”

Disturbing the Peace Film Screening

Thursday, August 29   7:00 to 9:00 PM
ABQ Friends Meeting House
1600 5th St NW, Albuquerque, NM 87102

Lecture with Italian Students in Jerusalem

August 25th
As part of the CFP House Meetings program, our activists met with a group from Italy in Jerusalem. Members of the movement gave a detailed lecture about CFP’s leading role in the joint nonviolent resistance against the Israeli occupation and for peace.

Protest in Kfar Malik

August 16, 2019
Nonviolent Protest: Combatants for Peace joined in organizing a protest last Friday to speak out against the settlers who are occupying the land of Kufer Malek, a village east of Ramallah. The protesters plan was to organize two more marches: Combatants for Peace will organize one march from outside the village, and at the same time, the local villagers will organize a protest inside the village.
Military troops closed all the roads leading to the village this morning. The official reason for this road closure was to protect an illegal Israeli outpost, which is sitting on stolen, private land. Our activists went out to protest the road closure, and the military responded with rubber bullets and tear gas. Four of our activists were injured, and scores of others were treated for the effects of tear gas inhalation. Moreover, the tear gas fired by Israeli troops caused a fire in the nearby crops belonging to the local Palestinian villagers. In the end, the villagers managed bringing in fire trucks and to put out the fire.
At the end of the activity, Governor Abdel Fattah Hamayel gave a speech welcoming the solidarity activists and praised the efforts of activist groups, like  Combatants for Peace, for working against the occupation and settlement expansion. “Today’s activity is the beginning of a peaceful resistance campaign, aimed at stopping the theft of Palestinian land by Israeli settlers,” said Adam Rabie, activity Coordinator at Combatants for Peace. For seven years, settlers from the nearby Kfar Schahar have been expanding their settlement and seizing the (private) land of the village, all while remaining under the protection of Israeli soldiers.

Theater Production in Tel Aviv

August 19th
A theater company in Tel Aviv hosted a screening of Romeo and Juliet, where Juliet was Israeli and Romeo Palestinian. The play was presented in Hebrew and Arabic. Afterwards, the Theater company invited our activists on the stage to talk about their binational work, and their experience in overcoming the walls of separation and hatred and meeting in a place of respect and dignity.

All summer events from June, July & August will be posted here soon… or check out our FB page for more information.

Three-Part Working Member Workshop:

Thursday, June 13, 2019 – June 20th, 2019 – June 27th, 2019
7:00pm to 8:30pm
520 Carpenter Ln, Philadelphia, PA

Weavers Way members Sheila Weinberg and Maynard Seider present a three-part workshop on efforts to envision a peaceful, cooperative Palestinian-Israeli partnership. Accomplished authors and scholars, Sheila and Maynard invite other Co-op members along with neighbors and friends to join them for three evenings designed to explore the work of Combatants for Peace. This evening’s initial session will feature a screening of the first half of the acclaimed documentary “Disturbing the Peace,” along with other footage from the ground, which will be followed by a facilitated discussion about conflict resolution and reconciliation. ATTEND ONE, TWO, OR ALL THREE. REGISTER HERE.

Learning Peace Seminar

May 30, 2019
Learning Peace Seminar: “Israel, the Occupation and the Hague” in our Lecture Series “Studying Peace.”
The speakers were Adv. Sawsan Zaher, of Adalah and Adv. Michael Sfard. After the lecture a Palestinian and an Israeli activist spoke about thier personal transforamtion from participating in the circle of violence to non-violent activism, working together to end the occupation and for a peaceful future.

Israeli Activist Detained in the Jordan Valley

May 27, 2019
As a regular part of our regular work with the Jordan Valley coalition we send activists to walk with the Palestinian Shepherds in the Jordan Valley to protect them from Settler and Israeli Military violence. Today, one of our activists was arrested, blindfolded and handcuffed as part of his nonviolent activity. Read That Story Here

Screening of Disturbing the Peace

Congregation Beth Israel, Asheville, NC
May 22, 7pm
Film screening followed by discussion. Free and open to the public
Hosted by our North Carolina Chapter of American Friends of CfP.
Sponsored by Congregation Beth Israel and Congregation Beth ha Tephila.

Lecture for American Students

May 20, 2019
An American Student group spoke to several of our activists in Tel Aviv, hearing their stories of transformation from fighters who took an active part in the cycle of violence to activists who participate in the joint nonviolent struggle against the occupation.

Leading a Tour for Israeli Tour Guides in the West Bank

May 16, 2019
Combatants activists lead a tour for Israeli tour guides in the West Bank, explaining the political situation and showing them the reality of the occupation. See Photos

Protest in Tel Aviv: Demanding a Just Peace with Gaza

May 15, 2019

One year ago, as hospitals in Gaza were overflowing with wounded protesters, the masses in Tel Aviv celebrated Netta Barzilai’s Eurovision victory. This year we will not take part in this absurd and cynical performance. We refuse to continue “business as usual”, while less than 100km away, millions of people on both sides of the fence pay the price of our apathy. On 14 May, marking one year after 64 protestors were shot dead during the Great March of Return Protests in Gaza, we took to the streets to demand an end to the siege on Gaza and a better future for all of us.

The consequences of the past year’s events are devastating: over 250 Palestinians are dead and tens of thousands wounded, the entire region is under constant threat of escalation, and residents of southern Israel are subject to frequent attacks. The pressing need for a courageous decision is clear – we must put an end to the cycle of violence. Sporadic “relief efforts” are not a solution. A life of dignity for all the people in the region is not optional – it’s a demand that cannot be ignored.

Israel’s new government must change its policy concerning Gaza. It must recognize its responsibility and obligations towards the civilian population, remove the blockade and respect the rights of the people of Gaza: freedom of movement, freedom of profession, the right to protest, the right to health and above all, the right to live in dignity.

The hackneyed claim that the Great March of Return Protests are a threat initiated by Hamas overlooks the democratic character of the demonstrations and the greater context they are taking place in: the ongoing Israeli blockade and the ensuing humanitarian crisis, within a history of over fifty years of military occupation and over seventy years of displacement and exile.

The crisis in Gaza as well as the price paid by citizens of southern Israel is neither decreed by fate nor a natural phenomenon. It is time to end the siege on Gaza. It is time to bring back the hope that a just solution can and must be reached – for all our sakes.

See Photos

Meeting with Israeli teens

May 14, 2019
Combatants for Peace activists sharing their stories with several groups of Israeli teens before they entered the army. For most of these teens, it is the first time they have ever met a Palestinian or heard the story from someone on the “other” side. Photos Here

Memorial Ceremony Tour in Israel and Palestine

April 30 – May 8, 2019
American Friends of Combatants for Peace led a delegation of Americans to visit Israel and Palestine and meet the Combatants on the ground, learn about their work, and attend the joint Memorial Ceremony in Tel Aviv. More Information

Memorial Ceremonies in the USA

May 7 & 8, 2019
Join us at events across the USA to commemorate the joint Memorial Ceremony with Combatants for Peace on Yom Hazikaron (Israeli Memorial Day). Events will be held in NYC, Boston, Washington D.C., Asheville and New Hampshire
Find an Event

Memorial Ceremony
May 7, 2019

Lobbying for Permits in the Israeli Supreme Court

May 6, 2019
The Israeli government refused permits for the Palestinians wishing to attend the joint Memorial Ceremony in Tel Aviv. In response our activists took the decision to court, where it was overturned. See the video here.

Conversations with Teens

April 14, 2019
More photos of our activists speaking to Israeli youth.. the systems of segregation: segregated schools and communities, strive to keep people apart. Many (if not most) Israeli teens will have never met a Palestinian before they join the military and serve in the West Bank or at the border of Gaza… this is how the occupation systematically dehumanizes each community to the other. In order to undermine this system, and build a community based on peace and equality, we have to begin to know each other and hear each other’s stories.

Solidarity Visit to Khan Al Ahmar

April 13, 2019
Last year, a broad alliance of activists and diplomatic pressure saved the little Palestinian town of Khan Al Ahmar between Jerusalem and Jericho from being demolished by the Israeli right wing government. Sadly, after very depressing elections in Israel this week, chances increased again that the village will be eliminated soon. We are with the people of Khan Al Ahmar, and told them today: “We support you in any way we can, that you won’t lose your home!”

Meeting with Students

April 12, 2019
Photos Here

Training Weekend for USA Based Activists

April 7, 2019
This weekend we had our first official meeting of Combatants for Peace activists who are living in the USA. We had eight participants spend a weekend together: four Palestinians and four Israelis. We brought in a public speaking coach and trained ourselves in effective public speaking and personal storytelling. After this weekend we are confident that our activists will be able to speak with clarity and confidence about their experiences living under, or participating in, the occupation. They have all undergone incredible transformations from people who (years ago) were resigned to a fate of violence, and now are dedicated peace activists, working together to create change. See Photos

Movie Screening & Q/A in Santa Cruz

April 7, 2019, 2pm PST
Speakers: Nizar Farsakh & Sophie Schor
Click Here for more information

A Day of Activism in the Jordan Valley

April 4, 2019
A day of activism in the Jordan Valley coordinated by the Jordan valley coalition, a partnership of peace activists and organizations such as Taayush, Machsom watch, CFPeace and Dahrma-Activism. The coalition serves to protect Palestinian shepherds from the violence of settlers and soldiers, who often attack when the shepherds take their sheep out to graze. By sending Israeli activists out to walk with the shepherds, it creates a protective presence for them. Photos

Running For Freedom

April 3, 2019
Combatants for Peace activist, Ahmed, running for Freedom in the Palestine Marathon. And Tuly, running in the Tel Aviv Marathon. While Tuly, who is Israeli and Ahmed, who is Palestinian are prevented from running together by their governments – our activists are sending a very clear message: peace, freedom and equal human rights for all will only be achieved when awareness of the importance of this message infuses every aspect of society. Photos

Steering Committee Meeting

April 2, 2019
General Assembly meeting for the whole CfP movement. This is the time to openly discuss and face difficulties between the two sides, strategize difference means of resistance to the occupation, and plan for future events and activities. Open communication is the key to community building and a movement based on mutual trust and respect. There is Another Way! Photos

Theater Group Rehersal

April 1, 2019
Meeting of the Combatants for Peace Theater Group. Photos of a group training in Bethlehem. CFP uses theater both as a tool of nonviolent civil resistance to the occupation and also as a means of building community and overcoming collective trauma. There is Another Way! Photos

Meeting a German Group

March 31, 2019
Combatants for Peace activists spoke with a German group, sharing their personal stories and the work the movement is doing to end the occupation and bring peace to both peoples. Photos

Meeting with the Palestinian Authority

March 30, 2019
A meeting was held in the city of Ramallah between CFP activists and members of the Palestinian Authority. Representing CFP was a group of Palestinian and Israeli activists & leaders in the movement. During the meeting, CFP activits spoke about their joint nonviolent resistance to the occupation. Among other activities, activists spoke about CfP’s House Meetings project, in which CfP activists share their personal stories with local and international youth groups in order to support and advocate for the nonviolent struggle against the occupation and for a peaceful resolution to the conflict. Photos

Meeting with Israeli teens

March 28 & 29, 2019
Combatants for Peace activists sharing their stories with several groups of Israeli teens before they entered the army. For most of these teens, it is the first time they have ever met a Palestinian or heard the story from someone on the “other” side. See Photos Here and Here

Bethlehem Tour with Israeli teens

March 27, 2019
Combatants for Peace activists met with 55 Israelis and Americans from the Hartman Pre-army program, who came to learn about the occupation and its impact on the local Palestinian community. We toured in Bethlehem, and two CfPeace activists shared their personal stories. Photos

Activists Planning Meeting in the Northern West Bank

March 14, 2019
The Northern Group of Combatants for Peace held its regular meeting in the Wad Al Rasha area in the northern West Bank and met with a number of residents and farmers affected by the Wall. During the meeting CFP activists and the land owners agreed to organize work days to help the local farmers reach their land safely and plant it with olive trees. It was also agreed to work with an Israeli lawyer to help the owners of the land fight the land confiscation practices of the local settlements. Photos

Tour of Hebron

March 13, 2019
Combatants for Peace organized a tour for Israelis to the south Hebron hills area of Yatta and the villages of Al Towani and Um Al Khier. During the tour, CfP activists explained about the continued setters attacks that Palestinian residents in that area face. Last month the military and setters bulldozed lands owned by the local community and destroyed pipelines supplying Yatta and the villages of Al Towani and Um Al Khier residents with water. CfP activists held the tour in order to educate the Israeli public about the occupation, and to express solidarity with the local community. When we, Palestinians and Israelis, stand up together – then together we can create a better world, based on justice and equality. Photos

USA Speaking Tour

February 25-March 8, 2019

Speakers: Michal Hochberg & Osama Elewat
Tour Schedule & More Information

Lectures in Jerusalem

February 23rd, 2019 & March 1, 2019
Lectures with young adult Israeli and Jewish-American Leadership in Jerusalem. Photos here and here.

Planting Trees in the West Bank with Rabbis for Human Rights

February 22, 2019
The southern group in Combatants for Peace held a joint action with US based organization “Rabbis for Human rights” and planted olive trees on lands owned by Palestinian farmers from the village of Um al-Khier in Yatta area, southern West Bank. Last month, activists from CFP and Rabbis for Human rights planted olive trees at the same location but the military came and uprooted the young olive trees the activists had planted. Today we returned and replanted the uprooted trees. Photos

First Theater Group Performance of 2019

February 19, 2019
Combatants for Peace uses theater as a form of activism. Theater of the Oppressed allows people to see and experience the world through the eyes of the “other” and helps us to open our eyes with compassion and awareness. Photos

Olive Tree Planting in the West Bank Village of Al-Rakiz

February 9, 2019
A group of Rabbinical students from the USA, who are working with Rabbis for Human Rights, partnered with Combatants for Peace in a tree planting day in the West Bank Village of Al-Rakiz. This village is in C area, and is a part of a larger area in the south Hebron hills where the local people are being pushed out by the settlers. On December 31st, the Israeli army uprooted 120 olive trees in and around the village. Our activists came out to re-plant them. Photos

Olive Tree Planting in Hebron

February 8, 2019
A number of Palestinian landowners and Combatants for Peace activists suffered effects of tear gas inhalation fired by Israeli troops at participants of a solidarity action of planting olive trees on lands owned by farmers from the town of Beit Ummar – Hebron in southern West Bank. The activity today marked ‘World Agriculture Day.’ Our action also aimed to support the steadfastness of Palestinian farmers facing settlement expansion on their land. The Israeli military intends to confiscate (without compensation) private land near the settlement of Etzion, which is owned by the Aby Ayyash family. We went to the land to plant olive trees there, in support of the family. The area is known to locals as Al-Suda. Video

 Theater Group Workshop

February 8, 2019
Learning about Theater of the Oppressed and using Theater as a form of community building, trauma healing, and nonviolent civil resistance to the occupation. Using art as a form of activism. Photos

 Meeting with Palestinian Students

February 7, 2019
A meeting between CfPeace activists and Palestinian University students. The activists shared their personal stories and spoke of the importance (and effectiveness) of nonviolent civil resistance. Photos

 Tour of Qalkilya Area

February 6, 2019
Last week CfPeace activists led a tour of the Alfei Menashe-Qalkilya area, meeting local Palestinians to hear firsthand to learn about the effect of the separation wall, which often prevents the villagers from accessing their land. One local activist, who CFP helped complete and approve a master plan preventing the demolition of the local school, led us to nearby villages of Azzun, Ras A Tiya, Khirbet Ras Al Tira, and Wadi ar Rasha. Another family invited us to their home, showing us the wall that separates his village from the olive grove his family and other families in the village own. We learned about the hardship that the villagers have to go through when trying to get to their olive groves. We heard about the efforts made by other Israeli peace groups and discussed how we can join forces and coordinate our activities in order to maintain continuous pressure on the Israeli government to allow the Palestinians to reach the land they have been separated from, and cultivate it not only during the olive picking season, but also throughout the year, such that next year’s harvest will be better and more abundant. Photos

 Olive Tree Planting

January 25, 2019
Combatants of Peace South group, together with Rabbis for Human Rights activists arrived this morning with a Tu B’shvat spirit. They planted olive trees in the West Bank, as a message of reconciliation and peace. Settlers in the local community had cut down the trees of local Palestinian farmers, and our activists came out to replant them. When they destroy – we build. When they offer destruction and ruin, we offer a common future an the building of a life together. We will create hope in this place. Photos

 Children’s Day in the Jordan Valley

January 12, 2019
Video of the Children’s Day organized by the Combatants for Peace Women’s Group in the Jordan Valley. Helping children thrive, despite desperate circumstances. The women held an educational and entertainment day for the children for al Oja Bedouin community in Jericho. During the day, CFP activists taught the children about the importance of cleaning their teeth and then handed out toothpaste and toothbrushes to the children. The women also presented a theater performance and a children’s dance class, complete with face paint for the kids. At the end of the day, the CFP women group handed out gifts and toys to the children.

Lecture with American Students

January 9, 2019
CFP met a group of students from Harvard. Our activists shared their personal stories & the work they are doing to end the occupation and work for peace. When we humanize the “enemy” – and see the humanity in the “other” we will naturally treat each other with respect and dignity.

Olive Tree Planting in Hebron

January 7, 2019
CFP activists and villagers from Al Mofakara community near Hebron, planted more than 50 olive trees today that were donated by Combatants for Peace. Construction instead of Destruction. Photos

Meeting with Israeli teens

January 3, 2019
Combatants for Peace activists met with Israeli students in Jerusalem today. Representing CFP were, Moran and Adam. Members of the movement spoke about their personal stories and about the movement’s ongoing activity in joint nonviolent resistance against the Israeli occupation. The meeting ended with a discussion between the members of the movement and the audience.

Protecting Communities & Preventing Illegal Outposts

December 24, 2018
During the night settlers built a new outpost in the West Bank, on the outskirts of Batir Town, not far from Beit Jalla (Bethlehem Area), in Area C. Last Wednesday settlers came with heavy machinery and started making a road to this new outpost. Combatants Activists, Galia, Jamil and Tuli were there and took photos and called the civil administration to demand the settlers be removed. The civil administration made the settlers leave because they had no legal documents commissioning the outpost – and clearly did not own the land. In that incident the police confiscated one of our activists phones and deleted all his photos and videos of the outpost. Luckily he managed to forward it out before that (see the images below). The community in Batir have been working this land for centuries and remember paying taxes for the land to the Turkish during the Ottoman Empire. This morning the outpost was removed, but we expect this might only be “round one” and that the settlers will likely come back. On the 28th of December Combatants for Peace plans to do an action in Batir, to show solidarity with the villagers and help them to protect their land. Photos

Talk with Activists at IKAR

December 15, 2019
Los Angeles, CA
More Information

Rebuilding Homes that were Demolished

December 12, 2018
Its getting to be winter and Palestinians in the Jordan valley are continually forced to leave their homes and their lands. Today, together with our Jordan Valley Coalition, we built a tent for a family of twelve in order to protect them for the upcoming rainy season and to show solidarity in face of the forced evictions from their lands. Photos

Building Rainwater Harvesting Systems for Communities without Running Water

December 3, 2018
Combatants for Peace built rainwater-harvesting channels in Khalat Makhoul and the Haddiya, two communities in the Jordan Valley that are denied access to running water. We built two water harvesting wells, cleaned the waterways, and built two new pathways, lined with cement in order to help these families collect and store rain water from the winter/rainy season. Photos

Solidarity Protest with Adnan Ghayith, Jerusalem Governor

Wednesday November 28th, at The Hizma Roundabout on 3:30 PM
Palestinian National organizations and collations in Jerusalem invites you join the solidarity Protest with Adnan Ghayith. Jerusalem’s Governor Adnan Ghayith was arrested by Israeli occupation forces earlier in the week without any reason; he is among nearly two dozen Palestinian leaders who were detained by the occupation since the start of this week.

Building Water Reservoirs in the West Bank

November 24, 2018
We set out to Halat Machul and Hadidiya. A month ago, before the rains began, we dug water tunnels in Halat Machul. Now it was time to plaster and reinforce them so they will hold up throughout the winter. In addition, we dug new water tunnels for the neighboring Hadida community which has undergone demolition by the army this past week. This community has remained without shelter, now that the winter is here. In addition to the humanitarian aspect, we do these actions as part of our ongoing struggle against expulsion of Palestinian population from their land, and promotion of their right to hold on to their land and profit from it and from it’s natural resources such as rain water.

Tour in Germany

November 10-25, 2018
Tour with Combatants activists throughout Germany. We talked to students, activists, human rights organizations, teachers, politicians and government officials to spread our message! We want to thank each one of you for welcoming us with such open hearts and support our way of creating an alternative reality for Israelis and Palestinans alike!

Two Day Theater Workshop

November 10 & 11, 2018
The Combatants for Peace Theater group conducted a two-day workshop for CfP members to learn how theater can be used as a nonviolent activist tool.

A Reason For Hope, Tour in Israel and Palestine

Tour For Americans and Internationals
November 2-11, 2018
More Information

Building a Playground

November 10, 2018
Combatants activists will be building a playground adjacent to a school for Palestinian children in Area C, in the Jordan Valley. The Israeli military controls this region (60% of the West Bank), but offers no resources for these children. Our effort will provide them a safe place to play while at school. Please use our contact page and let us know if you would like to attend.

Run for Freedom

November 4, 2018
Just as Gandhi walked to bring an end to the occupation of India in the Great Salt March, activists all over the world are running to bring awareness and attention to the occupation of Palestine. Everyone, all over the world is welcome to run with us. You can join our cause if you are an experienced marathoner or are only able to run a few miles. Read more…

A Reason For Hope, Tour in Israel and Palestine

November 2-11, 2018

More Information

Olive Harvest

October 26, 2018
Combatants activists will be working with a Palestinian community in the West Bank to harvest their olives. The presence of the activists not only aids the harvest, but protects the community from violence by either the military or settlers. Please use our contact page and let us know if you would like to attend.

Nablus Tour

October 26, 2018
CFPs Tel Aviv/Nablus Group invites you on a tour to the area of Nablus, to see the reality of the occupation and learn what you can do against it. We will talk about the settlements in the area and meet with our Palestinian activists to learn how it is to live a life under occupation. The bus leaves from in front of Tel Aviv Savidor Train Station (Central Station) at 9:00, we return approx. at 16:00. The tour does not go through restricted areas and security coordination is not required. Join us!

Sit-In in Khan Al Ahmar

July-October 2018
Join us in Khan al Ahmar, as activists prepare for the imminent destruction of the village and the local school by the Israeli army. The Israeli courts have given the green light to the demolition, and activists are standing by to block the bulldozers with their bodies; record, publicize and call attention to this needless destruction; and as much as possible, protect the villagers from violence. Approximately 180 families live in this village, and a similar number of children depend on the local school. The military is destroying this Bedouin community in order to make way for a new Jewish settlement (a Jewish-only, gated community). This move is not only harmful and hurtful to the local villagers and children, but it also further jeopardizes the possibility of a peaceful solution, undermines the possibility of a free Palestinian State and it destroys the viability of a two-state solution – and of course it is also completely illegal under international law!
Help us Save Khan al Ahmar and protect the people of Palestine AND Israel!

Building a Playground

October 20, 2018
The work began on a playground in Jib el Dib, a Palestinian community near Bethlehem. The movement will be building a playground for a local school – providing the children a safe place to play outside. The playground will be finished November 1oth.

Steering Committee Meeting

October 19, 2018
We are living in times where it is very easy to get frustrated. The ongoing crisis in Gaza, the ongoing threat of demolition of Khan al Ahmar and other Palestinian villages, settlement expansions, the rise of right-wing ideas in our societies. We took the time in our steering committee to reflect on our strategy and our way. Challenges are huge but we all feel that being silent is not an option. So we took new energy and continue our way of creating an alternative reality and meetings like this give us hope and motivation, that it is possible!

EU Delegation Tour

October 18, 2018
A tour for an EU delegation from different countries, hosted by three Combatants activists in the region of Diar Estia and Wadi Qana in northern West Bank. The delegation was briefed on the theft of land and water by the settlers. Members of the movement also presented their personal stories. The meeting ended by answering questions by the audience.

Olive Harvest

October 13, 2018
Combatants activists will be working with a Palestinian community in the West Bank to harvest their olives. The presence of the activists not only aids the harvest, but protects the community from violence by either the military or settlers. Please use our contact page and let us know if you would like to attend.

Talk with Human Rights Monitors

October 12, 2018
Combatants activists spoke with dozens of international volunteers who came to Israel/Palestine as part of the Ecumencial Accompaniment Programme in Israel and Palestine. The volunteers serve as human rights monitors who witness life under occupation and go home to promote change. The volunteers undergo a month-long training and it was within that framework that CFP activists spoke to them. Our activists told their personal stories, and through those stories, the current situation in Israel and Palestine and how CFP seeks to intervene in it. Following that meeting 50 members of the group visited Khan al Ahmar and talked at length with several more CfP activists who have been a part of the ongoing solidarity presence there.

Learning Peace Seminar

October 6, 2018
On the occasion of the release of the book “Emptied Lands”, Combatants for Peace invites you to a special LEARNING PEACE event in Haifa next Saturday. Prof. Sandy Kedar from the faculty of Law at Haifa University will speak about “The new National Law and Land Policy in Israel”. We discussed if the new Nation-State Law will create a change in Israel’s land policy.

Olive Harvest

October 6, 2018
Combatants activists will be working with a Palestinian community in the West Bank to harvest their olives. The presence of the activists not only aids the harvest, but protects the community from violence by either the military or settlers. Please use our contact page and let us know if you would like to attend.

Balloons & Protest Tent in Khan al Ahmar & Kfar Adumim Settlement

October 2, 2018
What a day in Khan Al Ahmar! Settlers from the nearby Kfar Adumim Settlement released their waste water to Khan Al Ahmar. In a symbolic act we filled this sewage water in bottles and brought it back to the settlers. We opened a protest tent in front of the settlement asking to immediately stop this aggression. We released hundreds of balloons from Khan al Ahmar, demanding the cancellation of the demolition. These balloons are expected to land all over Israel. We marched, Palestinians and Israelis together on the main highway to let everyone know what is going on in this village. We will not be silenced! And we wont stop until the people in Khan Al Ahmar have a guarantee that they can stay!

Letter to German Chancellor Merkel

October 1, 2018
German Chancellor Merkel is coming to Jerusalem tomorrow. We wrote her a letter on the upcoming demolition of Khan al Ahmar:

Dear Mrs. Chancellor, Dr. Angela Merkel,
we warmly welcome You to Jerusalem! We, Israelis and Palestinians, all former fighters in the endless wars our region has gone through, would like to address you with urgency regarding the village of Khan Al Ahmar. We call upon you to also listen to us, a vivid civil society of Israelis and Palestinians, who work for equality and justice for our both peoples on the ground.

While you are dining with Israeli Premier Benjamin Netanyahu and consult within the Israeli Knesset, you should know that at the same time, there are people living in constant fear of losing their homes. In the next days, a village for hundreds of Palestinian Bedouins and a school for more than 100 students, will be demolished and the people forcefully evicted – just half an hour from Jerusalem.
Khan al Ahmar has become a symbol of hope in the civil, non-violent resistance against Israeli settlement policies. We, members of Combatants for Peace, together with many internationals, and other Israeli and Palestinian civil society organizations, have been present in Khan Al Ahmar since weeks, around the clock, to protect the village from demolition.

It is even more than “just” demolishing the homes of dozens of families – it creates another hard fact on the ground, and the Israeli settlement policy, illegal by international law, would move a big step forward, if the demolition takes place. The occupied territories would be basically split in two parts, if the village gets demolished and the surrounding settlements get extended.
With appreciation, we have followed the statement of the European Union to immediately stop the demolition order for Khan Al Ahmar, but we are in times, where lose statements do not help anymore.

We see Germany as an influential friend of our Jewish-Israeli society, and as a friend of our Palestinian people. Therefore, we call upon you to convince the Israeli government to stop the demolition of the village of Khan al Ahmar. This is in the interest of all of us who believe in
coexistence and peace for Palestinians and Israelis alike. History has taught us, violence leads to nothing more than even more desperation, frustration and more violence.
We invite you to meet with us and listen to our personal stories. We have served in the Israeli army and we were fighters in the violent Palestinian resistance. We all understood that this endless circle of destruction does not lead to anything. We all went through a deep personal transformation which formed the basis for our movement “Combatants for Peace”. Today, it is the largest, joint Israeli-Palestinian peace movement. We work towards another reality in our region every day, where Israelis and Palestinians live side by side in peace and dignity, with equal rights for all. Clearly, the occupation is the biggest obstacle in achieving that. Please help us to make our dream come true!

In November, 19th – 23rd, representatives of Combatants for Peace will come to Berlin. We would love to get in touch with you and convince you that there is another way. A way of hope for Israelis and Palestinians alike.

With our highest esteem,
In peace from Israel and Palestine,
Combatants for Peace

Read More in Haaretz

Drawing a Smile

September 20-21, 2018
Combatants for Peace organized a recreational activity for the children of Khan al Ahmar called “Drawing a Smile on Children’s Faces”. Thursday, Combatants activists brought face paint to decorate the children’s faces, and one activist dressed up as Micky Mouse and danced with the kids. Even the adults of the community joined in – as did a film crew for Al Jazeera. On Friday morning, 21.09.2018, CFP activists and Khan Al Ahmar children painted and decorated car tires and then everyone then moved to a nearby hilltop overlooking the community, and drew “Khan Al Ahmar” in Arabic letters with stones, and painted them. Later on, the activists went to the Al-Khan Al-Ahmar school where Micky came back and put on a nice show for the children. The children were also given drawing books and crayons to play with. The activity ended just before the midday prayers Friday with activists of CFP handing out toys for the children. This activity aimed to alleviate the effects of the occupation on children and support the steadfastness of the people. The military has decided to demolish the Khan Al Ahmar School and the surrounding Bedouin community. The Bedouins were first displaced by the occupation in 1948 from their original areas in the Negev. Since the occupation began implementing the plan to deport the Al-Khan Al-Ahmar community, CFP activists, both Palestinians and Israelis, have been present to support the steadfastness of the people there.

Building a Water Reservoir

September 16, 2018
Combatants for Peace activists spent the day in the region of Tubas (in the northern West Bank) building a water reservoir for the local Palestinian community. While the settlers and army bases around the village enjoy their fresh, clean water right from the tap, the Palestinians have no access to running water and depend on collecting the rain water in the desert. Clean, safe water access is a human right.

Demanding Freedom of Movement

September 9, 2018
Combatants for Peace activists, in cooperation with a number of anti-occupation & Peace building NGOs organized a protest on Sunday in support of Palestinian farmers from the village of Kafel Haris, in front of Ariel settlement in the northern West Bank. Protesters demanded the farmers rights to reach their land near the settlement. More than two months ago, the new security chief of Ariel decided to prevent local farmers from reaching their own land, which is planted with olive trees. The activists and farmers demanded that the farmers be allowed farmers to reach their lands, especially as the olive harvest season approaches! The Olive harvest supports the livelihood of 25,000 Palestinian families from different parts of the West Bank. After more than two hours of demonstrations, the soldiers agreed to allow farmers to pass, and agreed to allow for permanent access in the future.

Protest in Qalqas, West Bank

September 7
Denying Freedom of movement is WRONG. Combatants for Peace will stand up for what is RIGHT. Dozens of activists from Combatants for Peace joined the residents of Qalqas village, in south of Hebron, in a march demanding the opening the village entrance, which the Israeli military closed for the last 14 years. Friday prayers were held near the dirt barrier erected by the occupation, and then the participants gathered at the closed entrance of the village where Israeli soldiers prevented them from reaching the nearby Road 60. The participants chanted anti-occupation slogans and demanded the opening of the street. “The closure of this street causes permanent suffering to the residents and it is a clear violation of human rights. There is no justification for the occupation to keep this street closed. So we will continue our resistance until the entrance to the village is open. “Adam Rabee, the Palestinian activities coordinator of CFP. Since 2002, the Israeli occupation has closed the main entrance leading to the village from road 60, mainly used by Israeli settlers, forcing residents to use a 30 kilometer road to reach Hebron. The closure of the entrance to the village impedes the movement of residents to and from their work, exposes school-aged children to car “accidents” by settlers and obstructs the access of health services to the village. This week, after years of court cases, the Israeli court decided to keep the road closed.

Protest in Khan Al Ahmar

September 7th, 2018
CFP members joined scores of local, international and Israeli activist in the Friday prays and a protest in Khan Al Ahmar Bedouin community. This week, the Israeli military court decided to give the green light to the army to demolish the Bedouin community in the Al Khan Al Ahmar area located between Jerusalem and Jericho in the Central West Bank. CFP have joined dozens of activists from other institutions and residents of the area since July 2018. Israeli bulldozers began to build roads in the Al Khan Al Ahmar area in preparation for the destruction and deportation of the Bedouin population. The region is home to more than 50 Bedouin families. In June, the Israeli occupation forces attacked the demonstrators, injuring more than 12 civilians, including one from CFP. The occupation also arrested three foreign solidarity activists during the protests. Since June, the occupation authorities have decided to demolish their homes and deport them to an area next to a garbage dump outside of Jerusalem that the department of health has deemed unfit for human habitation. The children’s school in Khan Al Ahmar serves nearly 200 children, all of these children will be left without a school. The Bedouins of the Al-Khan Al-Ahmar area were originally displaced from the Negev in 1948.

Solidarity Tour with Breaking the Silence

September 2nd, 2018
The tour visited the settler outpost of Mitzpe Yair in the occupied South Hebron Hills, where settlers violently attacked six human rights activists from Ta’ayush last week. The Israeli army first tried to stop the tour through a military order and later, when we arrived, detained Breaking the Silence director Avner Gvaryahu, Achiya Schatz as well as human rights attorney Michael Sfard.

50+ Backpacks & School Supplies for Bedouin Children

August 30, 2018
Marking the new school year of 2018/2019 the Jericho-Jerusalem group of Combatants for Peace handed-out more than 50 school bags full of school supplies to children at a number of Bedouin communities in the Jordan valley in the central West Bank. These children would otherwise have no access to school supplies and the CFP activist came to support their right to education, despite living through with school and home demolitions, frequent confiscation of their family’s livestock and lack of water access.

Bethlehem Tour

August 17, 2018
Combatants activists, in partnership with the Parents Circle, led a tour of the Bethlehem area to show Israelis the reality of the situation in the occupied areas. In order for healing to take place and human rights to be established, the truth of the occupation must be revealed. There is no other way.

Protest of the Nation-State Law

August 12, 2018
Combatants for Peace activists join tens of thousands of protesters in Rabin Square to protest the racist nation-state law. We demand equality for ALL people, regardless of race or religion!!! This was the largest joint protest of Jews and Arabs in the history of israel. There Is Another Way!

There have been massive demonstrations in Tel Aviv against the recently enacted a new Basic Law known as the “Nation-State” law. As Israel has no written constitution, a number of Basic Laws have been enacted over the years which are difficult to change and serve as a constitution.
The protests to the Nation-State law revolve around it prioritizing Jewish citizens, omitting even the word equality (or democracy) from the law as it lays out the official language, symbols, holidays and building preference for Jews, ignoring mention of minority citizens of the state. It does mention Arabic, which has been demoted from an official language to one of “special” status. In essence, the Nation State Law divides the citizenry, prioritizing Jewish citizens while ignoring non-Jewish minorities, most notably the 20% of Israelis who are Arabs. 

Normally CfP does not deal with domestic Israeli issues not directly linked to the occupation or the occupied territories, but since this new law so changes the very character of Israel and flaunts the essence of democracy, namely the principle of equality, the movement has felt it essential to join in the protests. The first step has been to participate as a movement in the mass demonstrations. Further, we plan to conduct at least one or two “Learning Peace” events on the topic as well.


Bethlehem Tour

July 28, 2018
A CFP tour of Bethlehem, showing people the reality of the human rights crisis on the ground. Only through education will we expand awareness and heal the situation.

Storytelling training/workshop

July 28, 2018
Part of the training for CFP activists on personal story telling in front of local and international audience. The course started on Friday July 27th and will end on Saturday 28th in the city of Beit Jala. During the training, participants will be trained on how to tell their personal stories and how they deliver it to the public. The first day had an intensive program of training and concluded with a screening of “Disruption the Peace” film by American director Steve Apkon, which highlights the movement work and nonviolent struggle against the occupation.

New Members Meeting

August 11-12, 2018
Two day new recruits workshop that was held at Beit Jala town southern West Bank. During the day veteran CFP members took turns in doing lectures and groups sessions to explain the objectives of CFP and its continued work in the nonviolence resistance against the occupation. At the end of the first day, new members watched the film, “Disturbing the Peace.”

Planning Meeting with the Mayor

July 27, 2018
Meeting with the mayor of Bani Naem in south Hebron to discuss a partnership and working together on starting new activities in his area with Combatants for Peace.

Meeting with International Students

July 27, 2018
Combatants activists speaking to a group of Italian youth visiting for a 15 day scout camp.

Youth Group Meeting

July 21, 2018
Today we started with the first meeting of our newly established youth group on the Palestinian side of CFP. Our activists Khouloud, Jameel and Nazih facilitated a workshop on CFP’s way of nonviolent resistance. Ahlan wa Sahlan (“welcome”) to all Newcomers!


House Meetings in Hebron & the Negev

July 19, 2018
Our regular house meetings, like these ones in Hebron and the Negev desert aim to provide a platform for getting to know each other, exchange our personal stories and plan our joint nonviolent resistance for peace and dignity.

A Month of Sit-Ins in Khan Al Ahmar

July, 2018
Updates from Khan al Ahmar: People in Khan Al Ahmar are still living in uncertainty. While an official court decision has postponed the demolition, the army has declared the village as a closed military zone and prepares everything for the demolition. We will stay in solidarity, day and night, until the order has been cancelled completely!

Screening on Independence Hall

July 7, 2018
Screening photographs and video footage of police/military violence against Palestinian civilians in the West Bank onto the outside wall of the Independence Hall in Tel Aviv. 

Disturbing the Peace Screening

June 24th, 1:30pm
Boston center for psychoanalysis
1581 Beacon St. Brookline, MA
More Information / Event Flyer

Protests against the Seize in Gaza

May 15
“We will block the road until you stop the fire in Gaza” – Solidarity protest now in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. More than 1000 people went to the streets in Jaffa, Tel Aviv and Jerusalem in a joint protest against the killings in Gaza and against the decades of Israeli occupation of the Palestinian people in a joint protest of Combatants for Peace and many other Peace groups, blocking one of the main streets in Tel Aviv. Arabs and Jews refuse to be enemies!

May 18
Protesters demand an end to the violence at the Gaza border! Remove the siege!

May 20
Tonight in Haifa: 500 Israelis and Palestinias clearly demand: remove the siege of Gaza! We won’t sit on the side while the Israeli government leads our two peoples into a great disaster. We won’t be silenced when you shoot and kill unarmed protesters in Gaza. The police is using force against activists! It is time to fight together for an Israeli-Palestinian peace, for safety, dignity and respect for our both nations.

May 19, 2018
Following the violent arrest of 22 peaceful demonstrators in a Gaza-Protest on Friday in Haifa, CFP activists among them, we underline the right to free speech and opinion and go back to the streets tonight! Join our struggle to end the occupation, lift the siege of Gaza and promote a reality, where Israelis and Palestinians can live peacefully side by side in coexistence! Tonight, 20:30, German Colony, Haifa.

Learning Peace Seminar

May 7, 2018
What is going on in occupied Palestine? What kind of strategy is behind the actions of the Israeli government in Area C of the West Bank? Hear the answers given in our “Learning Peace” discussions in Tel Aviv for the Israeli public. Today with a lecture from Lior Amichai from Yesh Din.

New England Tour

April 21-May 4, 2018
Speakers: Shai Eluk, Osama Elewat, Netta Hazan & Kholud Abu-Raeya

Schedule of Events

Bozeman, Montana Film Screening

April 24th, 7:00pm
The Rialto: 10 West Main Street (Doors open at 6pm)
Featuring Osama Elewat and Shai Eluk joining via skype
Purchase Tickets Online

Israeli-Palestinian Joint Memorial Ceremony

On April 17, 2018 we witnessed history. 8,000 people came to the joint Israeli-Palestinian Memorial Ceremony, marking it as one of the largest Ceremonies in all of Israel.  The Ceremony made major headlines all across the mainstream Israeli news media.

To those who say there is no partner for peace on the other side – we say loud and clear: There IS a Partner. Join next year’s Ceremony and see for yourself what courage truly looks like. If we act together, a new era of justice and peace will be upon us. As author David Grossman said in his speech at the Ceremony: “I discovered that every time I am tempted to rage and hate, I immediately feel that I am losing contact with my son. I made my decision. And I believe that those who are here tonight also made the same decision.”

For the last 13 years, the annual Israeli-Palestinian Memorial Ceremony has united thousands worldwide to mourn, hope, and raise our voices for peace. What began as a small ceremony of 50 people in 2005 is now one of the largest Memorial Day events held in all of Israel. We have a powerful message non-violence and mutual dignity, and some would prefer that this message be suppressed. It’s no secret that the right-wing Israeli government and it’s allied political groups are trying to silence organizations like ours, organizations that are taking a stand against the occupation – and a stand against hate.

In 2017, just two days before the event, permits were revoked for hundreds of grieving Palestinians planning to attend the ceremony. We were forced to hold two separate Ceremonies, one in Tel Aviv and one in Beit Jala. In 2018 Permits were again revoked at the last minute – but we went to the Supreme Court of Israel to fight the ruling and we won! Permits were granted and we held the Ceremony together!

In 2017, during and after the event violent demonstrators outside threw urine and garbage on the grieving Israeli families. This year we held meetings with last year’s protesters, introducing them to the movement and listening to their concerns. Slowly, even these people started to open their hearts and transform. The Mayor of Jerusalem tried to shut down these meetings, but again we went to the courts and we won!

In 2018 we were unable to find a venue willing to host us. One excuse after another was offered, from security concerns, to political concerns, to simply, “No!” The only option left was to hold the event outside, in Tel Aviv’s Yarkon Park. It turned out to be a blessing in disguise. Last year the hall in Tel Aviv held 4,000 people, and the rest had to be turned away at the door.
This year, the field in Yarkon Park held 8,000 people!

We will not be silenced.
Together we can end the occupation and bring peace to both peoples.