Upcoming Events

Partnering for Peace: 2024 U.S. Tour 

February 5-18, 2024 – Register for In-Person Events

Past Events

A Tapestry of Voices: Co-creating a Just & Peaceful Future 

February 1, 2024 – Watch Here

Courage in the Unknown: Exploring New Possibilities 

December 8, 2023 – Watch Here

Solidarity: A Path to Liberation

October 29, 2023 – Watch Here

Holding on to Humanity & Hope

October 20, 2023 – Watch Here

Joint Nakba Remembrance Ceremony

May 15, 2023 – Watch Here

Joint Memorial Day Ceremony

April 24, 2023 – Watch Here


Spring 2023 Webinar Series:


Israeli Civil Society

January 31 12pm ET / 9am PT (7pm Jerusalem) with former Speaker of the Knesset, Avrum Burg Moderated by Becca Strober, Senior Manager at Breaking the Silence co-sponsored by Breaking the Silence


Palestinian Civil Society

February 9 1pm ET / 10am PT (8pm Jerusalem) with Palestinian businessman, activist and entrepreneur, Sam Bahour moderated by Combatants for Peace Palestinian Director Rana Salman


Human Rights Defenders

March 9  1pm ET / 10am PT (8pm Jerusalem) with Sarit Michaeli, International Advocacy Director at B’tselem and Omar Shakir, Israel and Palestine Director at Human Rights Watch

Past CfP Actions

May 2023

  • May 7: CfP activists met in Jerusalem with a group of 42 young Israelis
  • May 8: Palestinian activist, Osama, and Israeli activist, Moran, met in Jerusalem with 40 participants from the Mechina
  • May 10-11: Palestinian board chair, Jamil Qassas, participated in an international conference on Israeli-Palestinian peace based on partnerships for a paradigm shift
  • May 13: CfP movement joined “Standing Together” and “Looking the Occupation in the Eye” to protest against the occupation and the recent war in Gaza
  • May 15: Joint Nakba Remembrance Ceremony WATCH HERE
  • May 16: CfP Israeli and Palestinian activists met with an American group in Jerusalem and the Palestinian Executive Director, Rana Salman, met in Beit Jala with 15 students from Arizona State University.
  • May 17: CfP activists spoke at an event, “The challenge of human rights in Palestine, organized by University of Padova Associazione per la Pace – Padova, Italy.
  • May 18: Palestinian Freedom School leader met with a group of young students (organized by the Willy Brandt center)
  • May 19-20: Second meeting for the second cohort of the Palestinian Freedom School
  • May 18-20: CfP activists, Sulaiman and Moran, spoke and led a session at the 7th International NVR Conference in Germany
  • May 20: Jerusalem regional group met in Beit Jala

CFP activists continued to join the weekly demonstrations in Tel Aviv.

April 2023

  • April 4: CfP led an online panel discussion, “How to mobilize Israelis and Palestinians around the vision of democracy for all?” WATCH HERE
  • April 4: Jamil Qassas, Suleiman Khatib and Fathi Darwish joined an event at the Brazilian embassy in Ramallah
  • April 7: Second cohort of the Palestinian Freedom School began meeting
  • April 16: Sulaiman Khatib and Chen Alon shared a conversation, “What is the Joint Memorial, anyway?” WATCH HERE
  • April 18: “From Memorial to Nakba” Webinar Series began
    • “Allah Akbar”: Recognition of Religion is the Basis of Partnership. With Michael Pekin, and Ihab Balaha, Moderator: Brett Yacoubi. WATCH HERE
    • April 19: Draw for Peace – Acknowledgment of the Existence of Occupation through Art. With Chen Alon, Hanan Abu Hussein, Moderator: Jill Markowitz. WATCH HERE 
  • April 23: Hearing at the Supreme Court regarding denying permits for Palestinians to attend the Joint Memorial Ceremony
  • April 24: Joint Memorial Day Ceremony. WATCH HERE

CFP activists continued to join the weekly demonstrations in Tel Aviv every Saturday.


March 2023

  • March 2 & March 29: CfP’s Israeli and Palestinian activists met with students from Mechina programs
  • March 3: Solidarity march to Huwara, read more here.
  • March 3: Joint Freedom School alumni seminar in Beit Jala 
  • March 4: Joint solidarity activity in Saeer, organized by the alumni of the Israeli and Palestinian freedom schools.
  • March 13: CfP’s Palestinian and Israeli teams met with a group from the Jerusalem School of Theology
  • March 17: Combatants for Peace activists joined the bi-national seminar in Beit Jala
  • March 18: CfP organized a Joint Women’s Group workshop in Beit Jala
  • March 22: Palestinian team met with an American group at Beit Jala office
  • March 24-25: Israeli Youth Group Seminar in Beit Jala
  • March 25: NVC facilitators group met in Beit Jala
  • March 29: Palestinian Freedom School leader participated at the Cross-Border Youth Education Affinity, arranged by ALLMEP

CFP activists joined the weekly demonstrations in Tel Aviv every Saturday, strengthening the anti-occupation bloc.



Feb 2023

  • The Educational seminar for Israeli educators of the “Land beyond the Mountains” began. The weekend of Feb 9-11 was the second session for the educators.
  • Feb 4th & 13th: CfPeace activists continue to join weekly demonstrations against the far-right government.
  • Feb 10-11: The Israeli Freedom School met for a weekend seminar.
  • Feb 11, As tourism opens up, CfP activists are providing more talks to internationals. Two speakers from CfP spoke to a group from Terra Sancta Tours.
  • Feb 13: CfP met a group of 40 pre-military Israeli teens to share their personal stories of transformation and their experiences of life under occupation.
  • Feb. 18: Bi-national women’s group met in Beit Jala to prepare for a photo exhibition for Memorial
  • Feb. 22: Israeli freedom school met in Beit Jala with Nimala and Sulaiman
  • Feb. 25: Bethlehem – Jerusalem group met in Beit Jala
  • Feb. 25: Participants of the Israeli freedom school tour the Jordan Valley with CfP activist, Ahmad H.
  • Feb. 20, 25, 27, 28: CFP activists joined the demonstrations in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem and other cities, among the demonstrators were some of the Freedom school alumni, more here
  • Feb. 27-28: Osama met in Jerusalem with participants from the Israeli Freedom School. Israeli Freedom School students also met with Fatmeh in Beit Jala.
  • Feb. 28: 40 CfP activists joined the Bi-national zoom meeting, to discuss the recent events and the anti-government demonstrations. CfP hosted Huda Abuarquob – Regional Director of AllMep to speak about her experience of joining the protests in Tel Aviv.
  • Feb. 28: Osama and Moran met in Jerusalem with a group from the Mechina.


Jan 2023

  • Jan 7, Combatants for Peace activists joined over 10,000 protesters who gathered in Tel Aviv to take a stand against the new, far-right Israeli government. This year CfP will be louder than ever – fighting for human rights, equity, justice, and an end to the occupation.
  • Jan 13-14, Solidarity Weekend in Masafer Yatta with Combatants for Peace youth group. Jan 15, Screening of “Disturbing the Peace” followed by a discussion with Sulaiman Khatib and Chen Alon about the current situation in Israel and Palestine and possibilities of resistance. Event hosted by Il Corvo – Cucina Popolare in Austria.
  • Jan 16, Talk with 46 pre-military teens with CfPeace activists
  • Jan 17, Talk with 26 High School students. Jan 17, An interview with Jamil Qassas, CfPeace Palestinian Board Chair, about the importance of the CFP activism against the policies of the Israeli government. Held on Musawa TV. Watch the Interview (Arabic)
  • Jan 18, Talk with 13 students and teachers in Jerusalem Jan 19, Protest to open the road at, Al Azriya. Currently, there are two roads: one open road (Keder Road), for exclusive use by settlers and one road with checkpoints exclusively for Palestinians. Separate is not equal. Protests will continue until there is freedom of movement for all Palestinians.
  • Jan 19, An interview with Sayel, CfPeace Campaigns Director, on Palestine TV about the joint protest at the Al Azriya. against blocking Keder Road by settlers. Jan 19, Radio Bethlehem 2000 reported the protest at Al A Azriya. Listen (Arabic)
  • Jan 24, CfPeace activists meet with 50 pre-military teens, sharing their personal stories
  • Jan 26, CfPeace activists meet with 30 Students from the kibbutz seminary, sharing their personal stories
  • Jan 26, Souli Khatib gave an interview to WHEREING podcast. Watch here.
  • Jan 31, CfPeace activists visited Khan Al-Ahmar in an act of solidarity, to show strength and hope that the village should not be demolished.
  • Jan 31, CFP activists joined a bi-national meeting over Zoom to express their feelings, fears and hopes after the recent violent escalation.


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