Transformation Series with Sulaiman Khatib

If you are interested in transformation, in Israel, Palestine and in the United States, this mini-course is for you. Our transformation series will consist of three sessions: January 10, 17 and 31st – 11am MT. Each session will be 75 minutes long and include deeply personal stories from Israeli and Palestinians, plus time for personal discussion and reflection amongst the participants. Sessions will build upon each other in a journey of transformation on all levels: personal, familial and societal.

This event is sponsored by the Social Justice Committee of Temple Beth Shalom.


Session 1: Personal Transformation

Hear Souli’s personal story, his engagement in violent resistance as a young teenager, subsequent jail-time (for 10.5 years from age 14-25), and transformation to a nonviolent activist and two time Nobel Peace Prize nominee. During this session, participants will reflect on their own personal experiences, thoughts/feelings and beliefs on the issues surrounding Israel and Palestine.

Session 2: Family Transformation

Meet Souli’s mother. What was like for her to have four sons in jail – and Souli in jail for his entire adolescence? Come hear her story, as well as the reactions of Souli’s family to both his use of violence as a youth and his subsequent transformation. During this session participants discuss their own family dynamics when issues of Israel and Palestine arise. Together we will learn strategies to deal with these issues in our own families, in ways that are productive and not confrontational.

Session 3: Societal Transformation

Chen Alon, former Israeli combat soldier will share his story. What was it like to meet Palestinian partners for Peace for the first time? How did meeting Palestinian partners shape his transformation journey? Chen co-founded Combatants for Peace alongside Souli, and was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize as his partner. Together they will discuss how personal transformation can morph into deep political and societal transformation.

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Recommended minimum donation for the series: $45/household

American Friends of Combatants for Peace is a 501c3 and all donations are tax deductible. Donations will be used to support Souli’s life-work: peace-building in Israel and Palestine. Reserve your spot today by making a gift below.

Registration is closed.