The Freedom School

A young adult learning program for Israelis just finishing their military service. It is a six-month educational program that empowers youth to be activists and educators, working to end the occupation and build an equal and just society for all people in Palestine and Israel.

Testimonials from this year’s Participants:

“The program is designed in a way that made us want to join political and social activism, while being fully supported and guided along the way.”

“This has been a very important experience for me. The Freedom School is n ideological place that allows in-depth learning about the land that we live in.”

“A fantastic program where you can learn about other narratives, different histories, about the struggles that happen around us. Before this experience we didn’t have a clue about them, as they don’t enter the mainstream Israeli educational system, conversations or media. All the learning opportunities we experienced were professional and well thought-out. We, today’s youth, were given the opportunity to see the pain and complexity of the world. We were seen and listened to. There was a lot of empathy, care and sensitivity. The social aspect of this experience was meaningful. The fantastic group allowed us to deal and digest the complexity, as well as the pain and the difficulties we met on the way.”

“This was a very difficult and intense experience for me, and at the same time it was super important and fantastic, I learned a lot. We met great and inspiring people, we learned about different aspects and faces of the conflict, and about the Israeli society as a whole. It requires a lot of patience to sit and listen and learn, it is intense and it is very much on the left of the political sphere. But for whoever can stand the challenge and who wants to learn and be active in bringing peace to our society, this is a great gift. I am personally very glad that I chose to go for it.”

“This is a program hat demands social change, engagement and activism. I learned about the different aspects of the conflict. We had meetings and in-depth discussions about the social, economical and political situation of Israel and Palestine. We had a great group to lean on, and speakers and experts inspired us to go out there and be active ourselves.”