We invite you on a journey…

Meet the Combatants activists and participate in their work.


Options to Meet Combatants for Peace in Israel and Palestine:

  • 90 Minute Speaking Event with two Combatants for Peace activists, sharing their personal stories.
    • Bring the Activists to speak to your travel/tour group
    • Meet us in our Beit Jala or Tel Aviv office for a private speaking event
  • Half-Day or Full-Day private tour with Combatants for Peace activists, options include:
    • Bethlehem Area: Refugee Camps & Settlement Expansion
    • Jordan Valley: Water & Human Rights
    • South Hebron Hills: Displacement & Dispossession
    • Northern Israel: Nakba & Abandoned Villages
  • 10-Day Combatants for Peace group tour, operated through Mejdi Tours
    • Join an already existing tour (running October, 2022 or February, 2023)
    • Plan a private 10-day tour for your community, minimum 20 people.

*Pricing dependent on activity, more information provided upon request: office@afcfp.org