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November 30, 2018
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December 7, 2018

A song from Peter Yarrow

A message to Combatants for Peace from Peter Yarrow (from the Band “Peter, Paul and Mary”):

It would be my greatest wish to hear what you are saying and learn about any possible openings or efforts that might potentially bring more equity and justice, and ultimately one day, peace to the region with the liberation of the Palestinian people from the pain and life-stifling bondage of occupation.

I say this is a Jew who is committed to Israel, and Who is yearning to see a future for Israel that fulfills the promise and the vision of a pluralistic, righteous, just and democratic nation as it was first envisioned when the state of Israel was book.

Please do include me in any of your plans that might bring us closer to any progress whatsoever to end what is on going critical injury to the Palestinian people, to the state of Palestine and to the state of Israel as well as the Jewish people worldwide.

I am sending you a song as it was recorded, in very rough phone with nights of the stakes that doesn’t really matter,vwhen I was in the Negev desert during a seeds of peace retreat for artists who collaborated, wrote songs and created dance pieces and other virtual works of to express their hope, their dream and their commitment to the search for peace – an equitable peace, which is the only peace can ever last.

Shalom, Salam and peace, Pete