Towards a Just and Sustainable Future for Israel/Palestine

Engage in the Conversation

On Sunday, May 22nd, we will come together as a broad community to listen to one another. We will first hear from our partners in Palestine and Israel – two courageous people who have overcome their mistrust, frustration, and hatred and decided to work together. They are part of the NGO – Combatants for Peace, that works diligently and non-violently for peace and reconciliation in their shared homeland.

Subsequently, the audience will break into listening circles where each person will have an equal opportunity to share their thoughts and feelings. We invite you to be ready to listen with an open mind, to be challenged in your understanding, and to be transformed by what you hear. One of our objectives is to grow the seeds of compassion and understanding that reside in each of us. Then, we will reunite to conclude our event.

Thank you to our sponsors:

Blooming Lilac Sangha, Center for Dispute Settlement, Downtown United Presbyterian Church, Immanuel Baptist Church, Impact Interactive, J Street – Rochester chapter, M.K. Gandhi Institute, Mt. Rise United Church of Christ, National Coalition Building Institute (NCBI Rochester), Partners for Progressive Israel, Rochester Alliance of Communities Transforming Society (RocACTS), Rochester Witness for Palestine, Showing Up for Racial Justice (SURJ Roc), Temple Emanu-El, Third Presbyterian Church Israel-Palestine Education and Action Committee

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