The New York Times:

With Israel’s cemeteries closed, Memorial Day mourning had to adapt to the coronavirus lockdown. An alternative ceremony bringing together Israelis and Palestinians attracted 170,000 people online. Read More

On Sept. 4, 1997, 13-year-old Smadar Elhanan — dressed in a Blondie T-shirt, her hair cut short, her Walkman playing Sinead O’Connor’s “Nothing Compares 2U” — was walking down Ben Yehuda Street in Jerusalem Read More

Colum McCann’s new novel, “Apeirogon,” is based on an uplifting true story. It’s about two fathers — Rami Elhanan, an Israeli, and Bassam Aramin, a Palestinian — who each lost a young daughter to senseless violence. They have become friends and work together, through an organization called Combatants for Peace, to bring the opposing sides together. Read More

How Colum McCann Shaped Loss Into a Book

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Review: ‘Disturbing the Peace’ Profiles Israelis and Palestinians United Against Violence

How much bloodshed can a divided populace stand? In Stephen Apkon and Andrew Young’s documentary, “Disturbing the Peace,” we meet Combatants for Peace, an advocacy-activist group comprising Israelis and Palestinians who have reached their limit and renounced violence. Most are former military or paramilitary personnel seeking a two-state solution to Israel’s agonized convulsions. Their stories are compelling — and persuasive… Read More

Once Devoted to Suicide Bombing, She Now Embraces a Peaceful Jihad

She knew that once she put on the explosive belt, there would be no turning back. She knew it would rip her limb from limb, reducing her to a bloody pulp. She knew it would leave her only daughter an orphan. But she also knew this: It would kill Israelis. With luck, a lot of them. And that was reason enough to do it… Read More


Amid violence, Israelis and Palestinians march for peace in Jerusalem

Rare glimmers of hope were on display Saturday evening as hundreds of Israelis and Palestinians marched through the streets of central Jerusalem in a joint peace rally… Read More

The Israelis and Palestinians uniting for peace

Christiane Amanpour speaks to Shifa al-Qudsi and Chen Alon from Combatants for Peace, a group of Israelis and Palestinians working for peace together… Read More


Middle East families united by grief

In the conflict between Israelis and Palestinians, many people on both sides seem unable to acknowledge the legitimacy of an opposing point of view – but there are exceptions. Jeremy Grange met two of them in the West Bank village of Aram… Read More

Bereaved activist renews peace call

A Palestinian peace activist whose 10-year-old daughter was killed during a clash between Israeli police and stone-throwing Palestinians says his daughters death will not stop him from working with Israelis to promote peace…. Read More

The Times of Israel:

Grieving Israeli, Palestinian families observe joint memorial, seen by 200,000

At controversial ceremony screened online, with small in-person gatherings in Tel Aviv and Bethlehem, participants from both sides of the conflict call for peace. Read More

Bereaved families plead for reconciliation at joint Israeli-Palestinian memorial

Organizers say nearly 200,000 watch controversial online event broadcast from Tel Aviv and Ramallah featuring grieving family members from both sides of conflict. Read More

After European Union official attends Israeli-Palestinian Memorial Day event, PM’s son predicts bloc’s imminent ‘death,’ making continent ‘free, democratic and Christian’. Read More

“Only peace will bring security….Both sides need to make compromises for peace….We mothers on both sides know about bereavement….Enough is enough…Let us live in peace….” Read More

Remembering and Hoping for a Better Future

Last week I attended the Joint Israeli-Palestinian Memorial Ceremony, which was co-sponsored for the 14th year in a row.. Read More

Combatants for Peace co-sponsor Annual Israeli-Palestinian Memorial Ceremony

In 2014, I attended a Memorial Day Ceremony in memory of victims on both sides of the conflict, co-sponsored by Combatants for Peace and the Parents Circle – Families Forum.  This was undoubtedly the most meaningful Memorial Day event I have ever attended in my nearly 40 years in Israel, and I am aware that this event is growing in numbers and importance from year to year. Read More

Thousands of Israelis, dozens of Palestinians hold Tel Aviv Memorial Day event

Five right-wing activists arrested after shouting racist slogans at protest outside controversial joint ceremony; small group watches live stream from Gaza. Some 9,000 Israelis and dozens of Palestinians marked Memorial Day at a joint service in Tel Aviv on Tuesday Read More

Court overrules bid to ban Palestinians from joint memorial ceremony

The High Court of Justice on Monday overturned a decision by the Defense Ministry to deny entry into Israel of 176 Palestinians who are to participate in a special shared Memorial Day commemoration ceremony for fallen fighters on both sides. Read More

Israel allows bereaved Palestinians to enter for joint Memorial Day scheme

High Court overrules decision by Defence Ministry to deny entry of the families, ahead of Yom Hazikaron the national memorial day. Read More

Defense Ministry denies entry to Palestinians for joint Memorial Day ceremony

Organizers of coexistence event vow to petition High Court after 181 people barred, say ministry showing ‘disdain’ toward those seeking ‘optimism and a joint future.’ Read More

Palestinian peace activist barred from entering the US

A Palestinian peace activist was denied entry to the United States and deported, despite having a valid visa. Osama Iliwat, 42, was questioned over the course of eight hours by officials from Customs and Border Protection at John F. Kennedy Airport in New York City Read More

8,000 Join Israeli Palestinian Bereaved Families For Memorial Day Ceremony.

Israel Prize-winning author David Grossman, whose son was killed in the Second Lebanon War, blasts Liberman’s attempt to ‘silence bereaved families.’ Read More


Online Israeli-Palestinian Memorial Day Ceremony Attracts 200,000 Viewers

Some 200,000 people watched an online Memorial Day ceremony on Monday evening that was organized by the Israeli-Palestinian Parents Circle Families Forum. The event was was conducted in Tel Aviv and the…. Read More

It’s Frightening to Think That Any Death Was in Vain

What is threatening to many members of the Israeli public about the Israeli-Palestinian Memorial Day Ceremony, even in its virtual format this year, is not only the cooperation with the enemy. Read More

UN Envoy to Israeli-Palestinian Memorial Ceremony, ‘You Are a Source of Inspiration’

‘There are people who want to burn all bridges between Israelis and Palestinians. What you are doing is going against that,’ says Mladenov. Read More

Joint Israeli-Palestinian Memorial Day Ceremony Gets Unprecedented Boost From U.S. Jewish Groups

Organizations from Union for Reform Judaism to IfNotNow are taking part; the event, to be held online because of the coronavirus, will draw record participation, the organizers say. Read More

Israeli Soldiers Cuffed, Blindfolded and Detained Left-wing Activists Without Cause, Authority

Israeli soldiers detained three left-wing activists last Monday in the Jordan Valley without cause and without authority to do so. Two of the three activists, who came to a West Bank army base near the… Read More

Israelis, the Time Has Come to Acknowledge the Other Side’s Pain

As much as it’s possible to feel happiness in the context of bereavement, death and pain, the decision by the High Court of Justice to allow the entry into Israel of 100 Palestinians so they can participate in the Israeli-Palestinian memorial service, made me happy. Read More

Israeli-Palestinian Memorial Day Event Disturbed by Protesters; Ceremony Streamed in Gaza

‘I’m hoping people in Gaza will get a different idea about Israelis – and vice versa,’ Gazan organizer tells Haaretz; protesters call participants ‘Nazis’ and ‘traitors’ Read More

Top Court Overturns Netanyahu’s Decision to Bar Palestinians From Joint Memorial Day Ceremony

Israel’s top court overturned Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s decision Monday, ruling that the government must allow 100 Palestinians into the country to participate in a joint Israeli-Palestinian Memorial Day ceremony.  Read More

Illegal Bereavement

Benjamin Netanyahu has denied entry to all Palestinians seeking to participate in the joint Israeli-Palestinian memorial ceremony, scheduled to be held in Tel Aviv this week on the eve of Memorial Day. Read More

Netanyahu Bars All 181 Palestinian Participants From Attending Joint Memorial Day Ceremony

The unique joint Memorial Day ceremony brings Israelis and Palestinians on both sides together to mourn and acknowledge each other’s grief for loved ones killed in the conflict. Read More

Israeli Army Detains Dozens of American Activists Planting Flowers in the West Bank

Some 45 American along with 20 Israelis and Palestinians were detained and had their passports photographed after helping repair a playground near Bethlehem. Army claims group engaged in illegal construction. Read More

The Young Jewish Americans Coming to Israel to Fight the Occupation

SUMUD FREEDOM CAMP, West Bank – Fadel Amer is preparing dinner in his cave for an unusual mix of guests: Young Jewish social activists from North America, leaders of the Palestinian nonviolent resistance, Read More

Bereaved Israelis and Palestinians Join in Shared Grief at Alternative Memorial Day Event.

High Court overruled Defense Minister who tried to block attendance of bereaved Palestinians. Last year’s event was marred by violent right wing protests. Read More

Reversing Government Decision, Top Court Lets Bereaved Palestinians Enter Israel for Joint Memorial Day Ceremony.

Throwing out the Defense Minister’s claim that Ceremony by bereaved Israeli and Palestinian families is in ‘Bad Taste.’ Court calls Lieberman’s decision insensitive. Read More

Seeing the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict From Both Sides of the Separation Wall – and on it

In its West Bank premiere, the award-winning documentary ‘Disturbing the Peace’ was screened on the barrier separating Israel from the territory. Towards the end of the documentary “Disturbing the Peace,” Operation Protective Edge erupts. One of the protagonists, Sulaiman…
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The Forward

As an Israeli, I cannot describe the disgust I feel about annexation

by CfPeace activist,  Elie Avidor
Israel was established in order to create a safe haven for the Jewish people, I was born  here, and this is my home. I fought for my country.. Read More

If Annexation takes place, I will be right in the middle of it

by CfPeace activist, Osama Iliwat
My city, Jericho,  will turn  into a small island surrounded by annexatted lands. For me, annexation will mean that I will be living in a virtual prison… Read More

Israelis and Palestinians mourn our losses together on Yom Hazikaron

Fighting dangerous pathogens that rip through societies is not new to joint Israeli-Palestinian organizations like the Parents Circle-Families Forum and Combatants for Peace. Fear, hatred, and dehumanization, like viruses, are invisible. Read More

On Yom HaZikaron, Israelis and Palestinians grieve — together

Even as countries close their borders, the coronavirus pandemic has shown us just how much we are all in this together, demanding cooperation within and between countries. Here too, another form of unusual cooperation has been going on, even in these times of lock down, and it is cooperation between ostensible enemies. Read More

Al Jeezera:

Israeli Forces Raid Sarura Protest Camp in Hebron Hills

Activists say one local man was wounded when soldiers entered the ‘We are Sumud’ camp and attempted to remove tents. Read More

Click Here to Watch Part 2

Jerusalem Post:

Richard Gere: Israelis won’t have a home until the Palestinians have one

“We know that more hatred and more anger will never lead us out of this,” Gere said in a video appearance at the annual Israeli-Palestinian Memorial Ceremony to mark Remembrance Day. Read More

Netanyahu’s son calls for return of a ‘free, democratic, Christian’ Europe

Yair Netanyahu, a son of the Israeli prime minister, called for the return of a “free, democratic and Christian” Europe in a  tweet that criticized a joint Israeli-Palestinian memorial ceremony for Israel’s Memorial Day. Read More

‘Israelis, Palestinians must fight for peace as if its COVID-19’

‘We have seen cooperation and we have seen confrontation. But what we really need to see is Palestinians and Israelis coming together not just to fight the virus, but to fight for peace’. Read More

Palestinian terror victim: Her white dress was black with grief

“At once everything turned over and I knew nothing would ever be the same. That terrible moment stole my happiness and that of my children and all my family,” said El-Rabi. Read More

High Court Rules to Allow Palestinians to Attend Joint Memorial Service 

“There are 99 ways to commemorate the dead,” the court wrote in its ruling, “Ninety-nine ways to express grief.” Read More

Palestinians Denied Entry for Israeli-Palestinian Memorial Day Ceremony

The ceremony comes to state that “War Is Not an Act of Fate – But a Choice of Man,” according to Combatants for Peace. 181 Palestinians who requested to take part in the joint Israeli-Palestinian Memorial Day event in Tel Aviv were denied entry, the Defense Ministry announced on Wednesday, Read More

Protesters Call Participants at Joint Israeli-Palestinian Memorial Nazis 

Every year since he was eight, Yuval Rahamim has stood by the grave of his father Abraham, who was killed in the Six Day War. “From a young age, you devoted yourself to building the state,” Rahamim said Tuesday night, as he read from a letter he wrote to his father this year. “You never doubted that the nation needed you to protect it. You never felt any hatred or fear.” Read More

Palestinian Peace Activist Barred From Entering the United States

Osama Iliwat, 42, was questioned over the course of eight hours by officials from Customs and Border Protection at John F. Kennedy Airport in New York City on Feb. 24 before he was sent home. Read More

Protesters Stand Their Ground at Bedouin Khan Al-Ahmar Site

“I feel like I did in the army, on guard duty. Now I’m doing the same for the Palestinians.” Dozens of dedicated human rights activists from various backgrounds – Bedouin comrades, Palestinians, PA officials and steadfast Israelis – are currently camped out at the Bedouin village of Khan al-Ahmar. Their time is fast running out after the Supreme Court ruled the IDF can legally… Read More

Hundreds participate in Israeli-Palestinian Freedom March

The protesters marched towards road 60 and walked all the way to the tunnels checkpoint, separating Bethlehem area from Jerusalem. Some 600 Israelis and Palestinians participated on Friday in the ‘Israeli-Palestinian Freedom March,’ held by the Tunnels Checkpoint at the West Bank…Read More

Ex-foes, seeking peace, meet at Jerusalem Film Fest

Disturbing the Peace will be shown next Thursday evening on the wall of the Jerusalem security barrier for residents of the West Bank. Former Israeli soldiers participated in a panel discussion on Thursday at the Jerusalem Film Festival with Palestinians who had served jail sentences on terror charges, after the premiere of a documentary about their joint mission to forge equality and peace…Read More

Palestinians, Israelis Block Route 60 to Protest ‘Occupation.’

A rally and speeches near the checkpoint marked the culmination of what was an impassioned and peaceful march. Amid a cacophony of car horns, hundreds of Israelis, Palestinians, and people from around the world made a loud and unavoidable statement on Friday. Lined up along the width of Route 60, only a kilometer or two before the Tunnels checkpoint leading south from Jerusalem to Bethlehem,…Read More


Jewish terrorists killed his wife. Now he has a message for the world

Aisha Rabi was killed by settlers in the West Bank two years ago. Her husband Yacoub will commemorate her as part of a joint Israeli-Palestinian memorial ceremony. Read More

Netanyahu wants you to think Israeli-Palestinian mourning is seditious

The prime minister pulls out all the stops in his failed attempt at preventing the annual Israeli-Palestinian Memorial Day ceremony from taking place. Prime Minister Netanyahu appears to have lied to Israel’s highest court this week in an attempt to shut down and delegitimize one of Israel-Palestine’s only successful fora for shattering the exclusive nature of national mourning. Read More

Palestinian peace activist denied entry to U.S. for speaking tour

Osama Iliwat was supposed to speak to synagogues, churches, and universities across the United States about the power of nonviolence and bringing an end to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Instead he was sent back to Palestine. Read More

Hundreds of Palestinians, Israelis march to support village encircled by wall

Over 500 Palestinian and Israeli demonstrators marched Saturday to protest the construction of the separation wall and house demolitions in the West Bank village of Walaje, south of Jerusalem. Read More