Tiffany Goodwin-Van Camp

Executive Director

Greetings friend, I’m glad you’re here. I come to you from a line of activists, educators, innovators, and healing professionals. I’m honored to carry this legacy. For twenty years, I have led both grassroots and national NGOs. On a personal note, I am married to a kind and brilliant therapist and musician. I am mother to a vibrant and inspiring young activist and chef. We are a family of artists and social servants fueled by curiosity and care for the world. 

I started my career in Watts, LA, with gang “rivals” partnering to create peace in their community. I served South LA youth for ten years through mentorship programming, and wrote and launched a federally funded program for children with incarcerated parents and their incarcerated moms. For five years, I headed regional operations and quality improvement at a national organization that supports youth and adults recovering from addiction and mental health vulnerabilities. For four years, I led development and growth for a non-profit that empowers pregnant women experiencing homelessness. I also volunteer as a certified birth justice doula. 

Throughout my career, my focus has been three-fold: to strengthen NGOs that serve the daily human rights of systematically marginalized people; to prioritize the voice, wisdom, and agency of those served; and to address the unjust systems that create the need for services. I’m grateful to have worked in the “field” and the “office” and am honored to bring my experience to advance the cause of Combatants for Peace (CFP). 

The activists at CFP are advancing peace and freedom in new ways–collectively, intuitively, strategically, horizontally, and with relentless love and hope. They care for each other’s immediate needs while confronting the larger systems of injustice. They are clear about the intersectionalities of oppression and how our personal liberation is tied to the liberation of each other. Here, unlikely allies live for each other, carry each other’s burdens, forgive, listen, grow, and unite for the most intimate and greater good. And I see this in all of you, our community of supporters.

Thank you for your partnership and belief in the CFP activists and the movement. They need us now more than ever. Though the season ahead seems bleak, as we unite in action and purpose, we will actualize our collective hope. 

In strength and service,  

Tiffany Goodwin-Van Camp