Salt Lake City

The brand new Friends of Combatants for Peace in Salt Lake City is focussing on establishing an inclusive and welcoming base on which to grow and collaborate.  We extend an open invitation to all those interested in learning and partnering together around this important topic ~ including people of all faiths and backgrounds, college students, those new to activism, and those with lots of experience and ideas.  Upcoming possible activities you could participate in creating include: documentary film nights, preparing to host guests from Combatants for Peace on their national speaking tour, preparing for the annual Combatants for Peace memorial event, getting a group together to go on a service tour of Israel-Palestine, establishing partnerships & dialogue with local leaders, educating our community about this cause through brown bag lunches, social media efforts, home-synagogue-mosque-church-club-or-school based discussion groups with speakers from Combatants for Peace, or any other activities sparked by your creativity and interest!  Whether you are a Middle East expert ready to be deeply involved, or you’re just curious and want to be a little more informed, I’d love to hear from you! Contact Us Today!