Rabi’a Keeble

Founder of Qalbu Maryam Women's Mosque

Social Justice & Human Rights Activist

Rabi’a Keeble is an activist who works on issues of homelessness, affordable housing, FGM, and protection of refugees. The mosque is inclusive everyone invited, everyone participates. Rabi’a graduated from seminary at the Graduate Theological Union in Berkeley, CA with a graduate degree in Religious Leadership and Social Justice.  She also earned a graduate certificate in Islamic studies from the Center of Islamic Studies at GTU, and Black Church.  Rabi’a served as a Democratic delegate for the State of California for two years, introducing legislature that would end FGM and many other things that are not good for Muslim women. Rabi’a does a lot of Interfaith work.  She works with the homeless, and on affordable housing issues with agencies such as EBHO.  She is a member of Essie Justice Group, a group formed to give women who have family members who are incarcerated a support system.  She also is part of many agencies and groups working towards ending oppression of refugees.