Rabbi Regina Sandler-Phillips

WAYS OF PEACE Community Resources, NYC

Founding executive director of WAYS OF PEACE Community Resources. Through “How to Mourn AND Organize” and related initiatives, WAYS OF PEACE renews justice and kindness across lines of diversity and throughout the life cycle.
Rabbi Regina has been involved in Israeli/Palestinian peace work since the late 1970s. She lived and worked in Israel during the turbulent years of 1989-1994, when she stood weekly with Women in Black, completed a Hebrew-speaking facilitators’ training program at the School for Peace of Wahat al-Salam-Neve Shalom, and studied centuries of rabbinic teachings on darkhei shalom / ways of peace..
Rabbi Regina was honored for her leadership in the post-9/11 NYC disaster relief, and participated in the 2005 Bearing Witness retreat at Auschwitz-Birkenau. She is the editor of GENEROUS JUSTICE: Jewish Wisdom for Just-Giving and the author of COUNTING DAYS: From Liberation to Revelation for Jews in Recovery. Her guidance for end-of-life sustainability has helped to empower caring communities worldwide, even strengthening coexistence in Cairo, Egypt. Her work has been featured in The New York TimesEarth Island JournalThe ForwardThe Jewish WeekTablet Magazine, and in the books Parting Ways and Saying Goodbye to Someone You Love.

You can read more about her work here.