New Hampshire

NH Friends of Combatants for Peace is a group of 14 people from across the state who are members of NH Peace Action, Seacoast Peace Academy, Peace with Justice Advocates, World Affairs Council of NH, NH United Church of Christ, Temple Beth Jacob, and South Church Social Justice Associates. We came together in the fall of 2017 to bring Disturbing the Peace to the Red River Theater in Concord. Following the viewing, co-founders Souli al-Khatib and Chen Alon joined us by Skype for a Q/A that riveted the sold-out crowd. We’ve sponsored two more visits to NH, a 3 day series in May 2018 in Concord, Manchester, and Portsmouth and a one day event in February 2019 at Friends Forever in Durham. Additionally, 7 of us who have met with various Combatants on trips to Israel-Palestine with The Compassionate Listening Project in 2015, 2016, and 2018 have told the Combatants’ stories at over 25 public presentations throughout New Hampshire.

“The Combatants are showing the world what the art of peaceful coexistence looks like. Their film Disturbing the Peace offers a glimpse of that fiercely creative and courageous process.”
-Joel Berman, New Hampshire Chapter co-Leader


Media & Press Releases from New Hampshire:
Ex-Combatants Paint Picture of Israeli-Palestinian Peace
Press Release from our First New Hampshire Tour, May 2019


Dear Sulaiman and Chen,

The nine of us who organized the December 3rd showing of Disturbing the Peace at Red River Theater in Concord, New Hampshire want you to know what a powerful contribution you made to the success of our event. The theater was completely filled. (We actually sold more tickets than the theater had seats.) Attendees represented a broad spectrum of backgrounds, beliefs, and political positions regarding Israel-Palestine.

Everyone was swept up by the drama that unfolded. For 85 minutes, nobody stirred. People stopped eating their popcorn. Every set of eyes was riveted on the movie. Afterwards when the two of you appeared on the screen, the audience burst into enthusiastic and sustained applause. Your presence, and your comments, made your stories even more real, poignant, and inspirational for all of us. People walked out of the theater with looks of dazzled amazement on their faces. Several said watching the movie and “meeting” the two of you was a transformative experience.

Please know that you and your fellow Combatants are having a significant impact in this little corner of the world. You are helping to change the nature of the conversation that people in central New Hampshire are having about Israel and Palestine. We look forward to spreading your message of healing and hope throughout the entire state.

WIth deep gratitude and admiration,
NH Friends of Combatants for Peace
Joel Berman
Elissa Barr
Roslyn Block
Roberta Brayer
Nancy Jo Chabot
Pamela Englander
Pat Kalik
JoAnn Meyers
Emma Rouse