Michelle Gawerc

Associate Professor of Sociology and Global Studies, Loyola University Maryland

Michelle I. Gawerc’s research lies at the intersection of social movements and peace and conflict studies with a focus on Israel/Palestine.

Michelle is the author of Prefiguring Peace: Israeli-Palestinian Peacebuilding Partnerships. Her  research has also been published in numerous journals including Mobilization, Social Movement Studies, Research and Social Movements, Conflict and Change, Peace and Change, Conflict Resolution Quarterly, International Journal of Peace Studies, Journal of Peacebuilding and Development, and Peace Review.

Michelle is a recipient of several honors and awards, including a Program on Negotiation Graduate Research Fellowship from Harvard Law School, a United States-Israel Educational Foundation Fulbright Fellowship, and a United Nations Memorial Fellowship Award from the American Sociological Association’s Peace War and Social Conflict Section.

She has written multiple academic articles on Combatants for Peace, which can be found on the American Friends of Combatants for Peace website.