Donna J. Perry

Associate Professor at the University of Massachusetts Medical School Graduate School of Nursing.

Donna Perry’s research is conducted using a theory she developed on the evolution of human and ecological dignity called transcendent pluralism.

The theory has been used to study intergroup relations within a variety of contexts of peaceful social transformation. Donna received her PhD at Boston College where she also completed a post-doctoral fellowship in Lonergan studies.  Donna has visited Israel and Palestine numerous times where she conducted research with Combatants for Peace and was able to witness their important work firsthand. Donna is the author of the book, The Israeli-Palestinian Peace Movement: Combatants for Peace. She has also authored several articles on Combatants for Peace which are listed on the American Friends of Combatants for Peace website. Donna provided volunteer support to the United Nations Human Rights Council’s Open-Ended Working Group on the Right to Peace and served on the Board of Directors of the Center for Nonviolent Solutions in Worcester, MA. Recently Donna has focused her research on inter-species relations, specifically human co-existence with wildlife. She is currently researching the influence of wildlife immersion activities for veterans with PTSD in a study funded through the NIH. Donna is a licensed wildlife rehabilitator and volunteers at a Native American wildlife rehabilitation clinic in Massachusetts.