Carrie Skarda

Licensed Clinical Psychologist with a focus on Trauma and Mindfulness

Carrie Skarda has been a licensed clinical psychologist for 20 years, with particular interest in the impact of childhood trauma on adult relationships, forgiveness, and the practice of mindfulness.  She worked as co-director of training for psychology interns at the Antioch facility of Kaiser Permanente HMO in California, and is currently in private practice in Salt Lake City.

She is co-author of The Power of Stillness: Mindful Living for Latter day Saints, and Jerusalem Jots & Tittles:  A 10 Day Self Guided Tour of the Holy Land for Latter day Saints.  As a facilitator at Sixteen Stones Center for Growth she guides small-group immersive learning experiences on personal growth topics.  Carrie’s interest in Israel-Palestine blossomed during a college study abroad program in Jerusalem, eventually leading to her forming the Salt Lake City chapter of AFCFP, and then joining the board.  “What drew me to American Friends of Combatants for Peace were the powerful stories of personal transformation by the former combatants. Through self reflection, deep listening, and creative brave action, these pioneers have found ways to transcend the standard narratives of hate and violence, healing not just their own souls, but their communities as well.   Their process models not just what could be, but creates a new story of what is.  I am honored to be a part of it.”