Benina Gould

Adjunct Professor, Department of Transformative Social Change, Saybrook University

Dr. Gould focuses her research on issues of  ‘Youth and Religion,” primarily on understanding Youth, Islamophobia and religious tolerance in schools.

Benina Gould graduated from Cornell University and received her Ph.D. in clinical Psychology from the Fielding Institute, where she was awarded the Annual Social Justice Award. She spent two years as a Carnegie Avoiding Nuclear War Fellow at Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government and  has received  grants from the Center for Middle Eastern Studies, UC Berkeley and the Fetzer Foundation. At the present time she practices clinical psychology in Berkeley, California and teaches “Refugee, Trauma and Resiliency” as part of the Transformative Social Change Department at Saybrook University. She has conducted research in Indonesia, Germany, Pakistan and the US. Presently Dr Gould  is a senior board member at the Euro Center for the Study of Extremism (EuroCSE) in Cambridge, UK. Her major interest is in Social Justice, Human Rights and Pluralism. Her work addresses how to go beyond Tolerance to be more inclusive of all religions and to provide students and teachers with interventions to support this challenge,