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Run to End the Occupation.


“Never, never be afraid to do what’s right…society’s punishments are small compared to the wounds we inflict on our soul when we look the other way.”
-Martin Luther King

One Palestinian. One Israeli. 26 Miles.
Meet our runners

Omar Mansour is a Palestinian from Gaza. He lived, trapped in Gaza for thirteen years of his childhood & young adulthood. Omar lived through three wars in Gaza, and lost many of his friends and family there. He felt first hand the human rights crisis happening today in Gaza. Today he lives and works in Canada, and is determined to use all his skills, talents and passions towards the peaceful reconciliation of Palestine and Israel, with equal human rights for all. Read more about Omar…

Michael Feigenbaum is a former Israeli soldier who joined the military with the hope of protecting his family and community, but realized that his service was doing the opposite. During his time in the Israeli military he was stationed in both Gaza and the West Bank and he saw first-hand that violence only creates more violence. Today, he is determined to break the cycle. He is a musician who has traveled the world, spreading the message of peace and hope to people of all faiths and backgrounds. Read more about Michael…

Read About Our Cause:

Supporting Human Rights in the Jordan Valley!

The Jordan Valley Coalition

Launched in 2017, Combatants for Peace has partnered with Machsom Watch, Taayush and other human rights groups to defend the Jordan Valley against systematic violence and displacement from Israeli forces and settlers. We have accompanied shepherds on their daily work, provided protection from violence against farming communities in the area, and led advocacy with the military court system and Military Civil Administration of the Occupied Palestinian Territories. On November 12, 2017, we issued an open letter calling for urgent international intervention to prevent a massive forcible population transfer of Palestinians.

Combatants for Peace is actively challenging the ongoing human rights violations by the State of Israel, including: house demolitions; the denial of water supply; restricting Palestinian access to farmland, health care and education; repeated confiscation of farming machinery, residential tents, water tanks and livestock; and increasingly restrictive military checkpoints.

Jordan Valley Coalition Activity:

  1. Shepherds escort: The coalition manages a pool of activists from the Haifa and the North, Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. These activists come in small groups to help Palestinian shepherds requesting escort. During escorts any incidents with either the IDF or settlers are documented.
  2. Legal documentation: In the last year we backed the activity on the ground with official complaints to the different Israeli military and civil authorities. This work has two objectives: The immediate objective is to try and stop human rights violations on the administrative level within days or hours of their occurrence. The second objective is to form an archive of official documentation, through the accumulation of legal letters and the documentation of the daily, systemic behaviors and events of the Israeli military in the Jordan Valley.
  3. Advocacy: open letters published online and on social media, as well as lectures and tours for Israelis and Internationals to see the situation on the ground
  4. Other ways of supporting the communities: We have built four playgrounds, and we use our network of volunteers for specific support in order to buy medicine for livestock, interface with military, create a record of events, etc.

Thank You For Your Support.

American Friends of Combatants for Peace is a registered 501c3 and all donations are tax deductible.


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