Joint Nakba Remembrance Ceremony

Watch the Ceremony

The Joint Nakba Day Ceremony expresses our belief that reconciliation, freedom, and respect for both sides involves a sincere reckoning with history. Together, Palestinians, Israelis, and internationals, we recall the horrors and pain of the year 1948; the year that marked a significant milestone in the history of the Palestinian people. More than 700,000 Palestinians became refugees as they were expelled from their homes and their villages and cities were destroyed. But the Nakba is more than just one moment in time, the pain continues today as the occupation continues. The ceremony will commemorate this grief, and our hope for a better future, through an online broadcast.

The history of marginalized populations is often omitted, if not altogether erased, from mainstream narratives. This event aims to emphasize and amplify the storied history of the Palestinian experience, a history which is so frequently prevented from being shared. Personal testimonies from everyday people will replace political statements, providing an in-depth and emotional account of historical events. Acknowledging and honoring this pain the only path to forging a peaceful future with true equality, freedom and dignity for all.

The Ceremony will navigate across the past, present, and future. The past cannot be undone. But our acknowledgement and understanding of it in the present can be a source of healing – and can lay the groundwork for creating a different future, free of occupation, war, violence and suffering.