This Ceremony, will be held on Nakba Day (The Day of Catastrophe – May 15, 2021)

Together, Palestinians and Israelis, we recall the horrors and pain of the year 1948; the year that marked a significant milestone in the history of the Palestinian people. More than 700,000 Palestinians became refugees as they were expelled from their homes and their villages and cities were destroyed. The ceremony will commemorate this memory through an online broadcast to inform the international audience of what the Nakba means to the Palestinian people.

This is the only Nakba Ceremony, worldwide where Israelis are invited to participate as speakers and guests. Together we honor a narrative that is so often erased in mainstream culture. When we honor this pain and mourn together, we can begin to heal the wounds of the past and we can move forward with dignity, equality and mutual respect.

Host Committee

Progressive Angels, Nancy Bernstein, Ben Linder, Annie Berdy