Palestine & Israel

Combatants for Peace is led by a Leading Circle, which is similar to a Board of Directors. The Leading Circle guides all movement management, direction and vision. The Israeli staff works out of the Tel Aviv office, while the Palestinian staff works out of the Beit Jala office. Together, the staff provides the infrastructure and financial support to provide for the movement.  The Activities Circle coordinate all movement activism, campaigns and lead the Regional Groups of local activists.

Board of Directors: Palestine / Israel


Activist Leadership: Palestine / Israel

Regional Groups

United States

American Friends of Combatants for Peace is a 501c3, governed by a Board of Directors. In addition, we have a team of American staff. Our volunteer network is organized by chapters. based on the model of Combatants for Peace’s Regional Groups. In addition we are proud to be led by a team of experts on our Advisory Board. As well as have the recognition and support of dedicated clergy and academics throughout the United States.

Board of Directors

Advisory Board