Combatants for Peace wins International Acclaim
August 25, 2017
Nobel Peace Prize, Richard Gere and more…
August 25, 2017

Injustice Anywhere is a Threat to Justice Everywhere!

We say No to violence and YES to HOPE!
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In the past weeks, violence has spread again all around Israel and Palestine, the situation in Jerusalem is especially critical. The media shows us these images of hatred again and again, are we able to change the way we see each other? The message of Combatants for Peace, that there is another way, based on the values of humanity and equality, remind us that change is possible!
Combatants for Peace is working hard to show people in both societies that together we can rise above hatred, oppression and violence. We take concrete actions: like building a new playground in the Jordan valley, demonstrating against hate speeches of politicians and constantly engaging in discussion and dialogue with each other. Not only do we challenge the Occupation, we also create a living example of the way it can be – a society based on peace, equality, dignity and compassion. In this newsletter we want to share with you some of our achievements.
Our work is only possible because of the generous support from so many people across the globe. We thank you from our heart! The global community of Combatants for Peace is growing fast — want to meet us? Combatants for Peace will be taking part in various events around the USA, as well as in France, Switzerland and Germany. If you are interested in hosting an activity, please check the brand-new website of American Friends of Combatants for Peace or contact us for details about the trips to Europe.
In peace and solidarity, from Israel and Palestine,
Combatants for Peace

Recent Activities:

The Art of Nonviolence – Workshop in Cyprus

About 20 Combatants for Peace, Israelis and Palestinians had been on the small island of Cyprus for a 5-day training in nonviolent methods and strategies. Led by well-known trainer, Prof. Stellan Vinthagen and Prof. Paula Green, members of the movement developed ideas on how to improve our strategies to convince people on both sides of the conflict to chose another, nonviolent way of achieving a just peace. Interactive plays, academic inputs, group works and discussion circles – for five days, Cyprus became the brain of the Combatants for Peace movement. But besides strategies and actions, the workshop also addressed the fears of the participants. What does it mean to be a nonviolent activist? What price I have to pay for that? How can I really bring a change to my society? All of the participants left with very good feelings, and learned a lot, just as one of the participants said: The thing I’ve developed most here is tools to deal with my fears. It strengthens me to continue to act. Another participant said: There is an internal conflict between the officer I was and the person I am today. But I see in certain things that I have done as an officer and the tools I have acquired now – as things that can benefit me in the nonviolent struggle for peace.

Encounters with Syrian refugees

Following the workshop, the participants of Combatants for Peace decided to support a local initiative by “Operation Blessing International” and went to a refugee camp for Syrians who fled from the civil war in their country and now are stuck on the island of Cyprus. Our suitcases were full of hygiene articles, clothes and toys, things which are very hard to get in the refugee camps.

A new play by our theater group

 Our Bi-national theater group, is in the final stage of rehearsals for a play, which will spread messages of nonviolent resistance to the occupation and raise awareness to CFP’s activities. The play represents the political reality by telling the story of a Palestinian and an Israeli families suffering from the occupation, and torn between positions of war and peace. The method of interactive theater allows the audience to determine the development of the plot, according to their world views and values

Sumud Freedom Camp Update | Phase 3: Resilience

Over 500 Palestinian, Israeli, Jewish, and international activists recently completed Ramadan in Resistance, a successful month of solidarity at Sumud: Freedom Camp. We reached our rehabilitation work goals: renovated two cave homes, flattened the road that connects Sarura to neighboring villages and roads, planted gardens, and maintained constant physical presence to deter further settler or army violence in Sarura. Most importantly, we returned two local families to the homes from which they were displaced.
The launch of Sumud Freedom Camp was planned over the course of a year to challenge the normalization of violence, injustice, and displacement and to effectively co-resist the Israeli occupation. Since launching the camp on May 19th, the Israeli army raided Sumud Freedom Camp three times in ten days. They confiscated many essential items that sustain our work, including screening equipment donated by Combatants for Peace to show the documentary Disturbing the Peace.

News from the Jerusalem-Jericho Group


Last week our Jericho – Jerusalem group has built a playground in the village of Ujah. The playground not only contributes to the quality of life of the kids, but is also a part of Sumud activity – holding on to the land. The state authorities applies pressure in order to convince Palestinians in the Jordan Valley to move from area C to area B: Palestinian land is declared Fire Zone or an archaeological sight, Houses are being destroyed and Violence from settlers against shepherds is not treated. The community of Ujah remaining in area C is mostly Bedouins, who depend on the pasture land for the livelihood of their sheep. This week the ground was fenced, trees were planted and rocks were colorfully painted – soon playing Facilities will be built.

Jerusalem belongs to all of us!

You may have heard the alarming news about what is going on in Jerusalem in the past weeks. Together with partners like “Free Jerusalem” and “Standing Together” we raised our voice in various demonstrations all around Jerusalem. Violence and hatred won’t be the solution for our communities, we call on all parties to stop the violence and begin a dialogue based on equality and humanity.





The Freedom march in July

500 Israelis and Palestinians marched on our monthly Freedom March near the tunnel checkpoint. The march was accompanied by Palestinian children and young people, which for them is the first joint non-violent protest and we were proud and excited to be with them. At the march, we heard from Parliament Member Ayman Odeh, Parliament Member Issawi Farij, Kifah Abu Adhara, from the village of Sarura, who helped us to establish the Herut Camp (Sumud), Karen Isaac, a Canadian Jew and activist in All That’s Left: Anti-Occupation Collective and the conscientious objector Atalia Ben-Abba. The singer Daniel Dor performed an original song he wrote. Thank you to everyone who has come and proved that there is another way besides despair and hatred, and that the path of peace, reconciliation and hope and will prevail. See you next time! NEXT FREEDOM MARCH: September 15th 2017! If you happen to be in Palestine or Israel, join us on the way to freedom!


New and old faces in CfP’s management team

We thank Udi Gur, a longstanding member of Combatants for Peace who was serving as the Israeli coordinator of the movement for the past year. Toda and Shukran for the challenging work you have done! For the months to come he is replaced by Itamar Feigenbaum, another outstanding member of the movement, before we welcome Tuly Flint as our new general coordinator on the Israeli side.
At the same time we welcome Sarah, our new fundraiser, who will be your contact in case you want to support the work we do!