Bring a Combatants for Peace Program to your community:

Host a Public Event: Bring Activists from Palestine and Israel to speak in your community.

Public events can be held in synagogues, mosques, churches, community centers, universities, and more. CfP’s activists are sure to engage and inspire.

In-person events can be planned for two hours and virtual events for one hour. Suggested outline of events:

      • Introduction and history of the movement (15 minutes)
      • Film clip from “Disturbing the Peace” (two options: 3 minutes or 26 minutes)
      • Speakers share their personal stories (20-25 minutes each, total of about 50 minutes)
      • Question and Answer session (20-35 minutes)
      • Closing (5-10 minutes)

Program fees/Honorariums  (to be paid to American  Friends of Combatants for Peace).
Fees are dependent on the number of events planned in each community/region:

      • 1 event (1 day): $3,600
      • 2 events (1-2 days): $1,800 per event
      • 3 events (2 days): $1,500 per event
      • 4 events (2-3 days): $1,200 per event
      • 5 or more events (3+ days):  $1,000 per event

We also request home hospitality for our speakers (or covering the cost of accommodation). We will do not request any additional fees, and will provide for our own travel costs, flights and expenses. For more information: Contact us.

      • Virtual Events: Speaking fees for all virtual events are $500.

Host a Private Event, Fundraiser, or Parlor Meeting for Combatants for Peace:

Bring our activists to speak privately in your home or community. We have spoken in private homes, to Sisterhood of Salaam Shalom Chapters, and to Rotary Clubs. Programs for this event can follow either of the above-mentioned formats (in-person events or video conference events).

      • In-person event. There is no speaking fee for a private event, but we do ask that our host commit to cover all expenses associated with the event, including domestic airfare & local transportation for our activists, as well as accommodation.
      • Virtual Events: Speaking fees for all virtual events are $500.

Screen our documentary, “Disturbing the Peace” & bring in the Combatants for Peace activists for a Q&A:

Screen the award winning documentary “Disturbing the Peace” in your community. Afterwards, video conference with two of our Combatants for Peace activists for a thirty minute discussion to answer questions about the conflict and our movement. Events should be planned for two hours, and each event follows the outline below:

      • Screen the film, “Disturbing the Peace” (83 minutes)
      • Conference in a Palestinian and an Israeli activist for a Q&A on the large movie screen. Give the audience a chance to have an interactive Q&A with two of the activists featured in the film (40 minutes)

Speaking Fees/Honorariums are associated with these events:

      • Screening Fee, paid to Reconsider: approx. $100 (to be arranged by the film producers)
      • If the Q&A is online/zoom, program fees/Honorariums will be $500
      • If the Q&A is in person, the program fees/honorariums are equivalent to either a public or private event, as outlined above.

Read an open letter from an event organizer. Contact us for details.