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September 11, 2017
Empowering Women Leaders
September 24, 2017

Honoring the International Day of Peace

 Freedom March Marks International Peace Day

In honor of the International Day of Peace, Combatants for Peace held a large “Freedom March,” in collaboration with our friends in the Parent’s Circle/Family Forum and Stand Together. At least 500 activists marched together, just South if Jerusalem, near Bethlehem. True and lasting peace cannot be achieved without fairness, equality, and human rights for all. It is these values which Combatants for Peace holds dear, that are embodied in the spirit of the monthly Freedom Marches. When Palestinians and Israelis walk together, in solidarity and friendship, we show the world: “There is Another Way!”

The theme of the March was “Building Bridges Not Walls!” It included a bridge of hands, Israeli and Palestinians together.

Flying Kites For Peace on the International Day of Peace

Today, in honor of the International Day of Peace, the south group of Combatants for Peace, held an activity for children from the South Hebron Mountains, Sumud camp. About 30 children, aged 5-15 participated in the day. CfP brought Palestinian children together with Israeli and Palestinian adults, and had a wonderfully, fun day. The idea came from the Palestinian women in the group, who stressed the importance of exposing Palestinian children to Israeli civilians who are neither soldiers nor settlers, to give the children a good experience with Israelis. In the children’s daily life, they only meet Israelis in check points or in other unpleasant or violent encounters. We realize, that for both sides, Israelis and Palestinians, meeting the “other” and seeing that he is like “us” enables us to let go of our perceptions and habits, and to experience true co-existence. All it takes is a simple connection between people, to realize that on the inside, we are all the same.

The group organizer said, “today’s activity was a little noisy, a little messy, but ooooh- so much fun! The sweetest candy came at the end- ALL THE KITES WE MADE- TRULY FLEW!!! What could be more happy than this? What could symbolize freedom better?”