War is NOT an act of fate

In 2006, Israeli and Palestinian former combatants, people who had taken an active role in the conflict, laid down their weapons and established Combatants for Peace. The egalitarian, bi-national, grassroots organization was founded on the belief that the cycle of violence can only be broken when Israelis and Palestinians join forces. Committed to joint nonviolent resistance, CFP works to both transform and resolve the conflict by ending the Israeli occupation and all forms of violence between the two sides and building a peaceful future for both peoples.

Combatants for Peace – Help Us Bring Peace


"Violence begets separation and separation begets more violence. Fear only generates more fear. Combatants for Peace seeks a way out of this whirpool of death... God Bless you, you [are] healers of the Holy Land."

-Archbishop emeritus Desmond Tutu, Nobel Peace Prize winner 1984

"I feel the potential. It's very hard for the two sides to come together, but you've been through it. You've been through the fire. It's only people who've been through the fire that can speak to the depth of feeling, the depths of wisdom in the subject."

-Richard Gere

"Combatants for Peace is a true sign of the ability of people to find common ground and stand up for humanity in the midst of hatred, oppression and violence."

-From the nomination letter submitted by Dr. Stellan’s Vinthagen to the Nobel Peace Prize Nominating Committee

"I want to live in the world you guys are creating."

-Michael Moore