Combatants for Peace invites you to join with us, as we once again host our annual Joint Israeli/Palestinian Memorial Day

With Palestinians and Israelis grieving our losses together, the Israeli-Palestinian Joint Memorial Ceremony has become a pivotal symbol of hope and change. The event is held on Yom Hazikaron (Israeli Memorial Day, April 27, 2020) and reminds us that War is NOT an Act of Fate – but a Human Choice.

Together we stand for reconciliation, acceptance, cooperation and peace.
We can end the cycle of violence.

What began as a small ceremony of 50 people in 2005, is now one of the largest Ceremonies held in all of Israel. In addition, over 55,000 people worldwide have observed the event in recent years.
This Ceremony stands as a unique symbol of humanity and persistence.


*American Friends of Combatants for Peace is a 501c3, and all donations are tax deductible.*

  • 2005
    50 people who sought to find comfort, support and tolerance

    50 people who grieved together
    50 people who chose peace
  • 2014
    First big idea to create a ceremony 

    2000 people joined together in Tel Aviv
    First event of it’s kind allowing Israelis and Palestinians to grieve together in a public space
  • 2019
    10,000 people stood together in Tel Aviv

    14,000 people live streamed the event to their homes and communities around the world including: New York, London, Berlin, and friends in Gaza City
    20,000 people around the world watched, and stood with us through Facebook
  • 2020
    Two new Ceremonies in Haifa and the West Bank

    12,500 people will join together in Tel Aviv
    15 years since our first joint memorial event – 2020 will be the biggest ceremony yet

Join us.

Here is What Your Support Will Provide:


We rely on the kindness of an army of volunteers to hold the event. From the speakers on stage, the artists who perform, to the ushers helping guests to seats, no one takes a salary.

  • Rent busses to transport Palestinians to the event.
  • Support the artists and cover their expenses.
  • Provide food and drink for volunteers throughout the day and during the event.


Each year we face legal and political opposition, and we need to fight to ensure our Palestinian friends are granted permission to grieve with us:

  • Counter political opposition (which comes from the highest office) by advocating, educating and even going to court, to demand the right to mourn together.
  • Hire the best lawyers to prevent our voices being lost.
  • Assist our Palestinian partners to apply for the required permits, to ensure their attendance at the event.


We need to provide a large-scale security presence to ensure everyone who attends the events are treated with respect and dignity. Making sure the event remains safe and nonviolent, is of highest concern: 

  • Guard guests as they arrive and leave amid inevitable protesters chants, heckling and possible stone-throwing.
  • Ensure the safety of all participants and prevent unrest throughout the night.
  • Protect the cars and property of all guests from vandalism by protesters.


As more and more people recognize the need to change our future, we need to grow our capacity:

  • Rent premises in Tel Aviv big enough to safely host 12,500 people.
  • Provide world class staging, production and broadcast facilities for our Tel Aviv event.
  • Locate and rent new grounds for more events across Israel and the West Bank, and provide the best quality production.

We will not be silenced. 

In today’s times it is easy to give into despair, but we do not have the privilege of giving up hope.
Love, solidarity and courage will always overcome hatred and fear.
We cry out together…

 War is NOT an Act of Fate! There is Another Way!



Donations can also be mailed to:

American Friends of Combatants for Peace
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For all enquiries, and to discuss partnering with us in 2020, please contact:
Laura Morris
Combatants for Peace
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