Preventing Demolition and Expulsion
March 30, 2022
Actress attacked for her involvement in the Joint Memorial Ceremony
May 2, 2022

Educating Students and Teachers

We are proud that the youth of Combatants for Peace are leading the way in protecting and educating about their communities. It is our job as activists and human rights advocates to stand up to injustice, whenever and wherever it occurs.

The Palestinian Youth Group of Combatants for Peace brought 50 people from Europe, the United States, and Australia for a tour and march through the Palestinian villages of Bardala and Kardala. Participants heard from farmers and residents, learning how these communities are continually under threat, with new construction outlawed and essential buildings like schools slated for demolition. Denial of water limits the kinds of crops farmers can grow, directly inhibiting their income and ability to provide for their families. While these systemic harms have long-term, far-reaching effects, the community also endures daily attacks on people and property by the army. This is how the Israeli state  pressures Palestinians out of their homes and off of their land across the West Bank.

Combatants for Peace also hosted its ‘Land Above Mountains’ seminar for thirty Israeli teachers, equipping them through exercises and field tours to teach about the racism inherent in the occupation and the injustice it inflicts upon Palestinians. Firsthand perspectives and stories were given by activists who work daily to end the occupation.

Together, students and teachers can educate our communities and work to end occupation and apartheid.