Regional Activist Groups

We are building an ever expanding Palestinian-Israeli joint activist community that embodies and serves as a model of peaceful coexistence. In a society that is vastly unequal, we provide a new model – based on complete equality, dignity, respect and democracy.

Our binational regional activist groups are the core of the Combatants for Peace movement: building a community of activists to end the occupation and actualize our shared values. Through these groups, activists from Israeli and Palestinian cities pair up and work on addressing local needs and problems. There are three primary regional groups (North Group, Middle-Group and South Group), which include sister cities of Jerusalem-Jericho, Tel-Aviv-Ramallah, Beer Sheva-Hebron/South, Jerusalem-Bethlehem, Tel Aviv- Nablus, Tivon-Al Aqabah (North), Tel Aviv-Qalqilya and others.

In addition to the local groups, CFP has founded two region-wide bi-national groups: the Theatre of the Oppressed which uses theatre to create social and political change; and a women’s group which provides a space for women to be empowered to express themselves, discuss the challenges unique to women in conflict and lead the movement.

The groups created a unique space for bi-national women’s leadership, built playgrounds in the Bedouin villages of Fasail and Auja, participated in olive harvests in areas targeted by settlers, rebuilt demolished homes and buildings in the South, participated in direct action coalitions such as Sumud: Freedom Camp and Jordan Valley, worked with our Encounter program to host parlor meetings, conducted educational tours, enacted Theatre of the Oppressed activities and more. Additionally, Combatants for Peace is in the process of developing a region-wide bi-national group for youth, to target the next generation before they are indoctrinated with violence.