May 27, 2021

Save Wadi Al Ahmar!

Send this letter to Congress Today! Letter from January, 2020 – watch the video below. Dear Representative/Senator, We need your help – today – to stop […]
May 27, 2021

Save Sheikh Jarrah!

Send this letter to your Congressional Representatives NOW! Dear Representative, The neighborhood of Sheikh Jarrah in East Jerusalem is under threat. I am asking you to […]
February 22, 2021

Interview with CfPeace activist, Yair Bunzel

Yair Bunzel is a former Captain in the Israeli army who decided to join Combatants for Peace after after an unforgettable encounter with Palestinian shepherds. Since […]
November 9, 2020

Administrative Detention & Abuse of Power

One of the first things I learned when I was drafted to the army is that countries hold a license to kill. At the time, I […]
October 6, 2020

What does it mean to be pro-Israel?

By Professor Galia Golan In these times of US elections, there are many statements of support for Israel, by people from both parties and the candidates […]
September 26, 2020

Reflections by Galia Galili

There is so much suffering in the world right now, and the frightening Covid virus is spreading again in our region of Israel-Palestine. Covid has pushed us physically further […]
September 17, 2020

Demonstrating for Democracy by Kochav Shachar

Over the past few weeks, huge crowds of people have demonstrated throughout Israel, denouncing the inhumane policies of Netanyahu’s government. Combatants for Peace has been at […]
September 9, 2020

Welcoming New Leadership!

Combatants for Peace and American Friends of Combatants for Peace are proud to welcome new leadership this month! In Israel/Palestine, we welcome our new Palestinian Director: Sulaiman Khatib, Combatants […]
August 12, 2020

An arrest & Testimony from CfP activist Rotem Levine

As the protests go on in Israel, CfP activist Rotem Levin shares his testimony. He was arrested last week, and this increased his determination to fight […]