American Complicity in the Israeli Occupation:

A series of educational events,
organized in collaboration with Churches for Middle East Peace

Each year, the United States provides $3.8 billion dollars in military assistance to Israel. Despite a variety of Congressional mechanisms in place to ensure that American taxpayer dollars are not used to abuse human rights abroad, there is little transparency or supervision over the ways in which U.S. assistance to Israel is used. Congress, and by extension the American people, remain complicit in the ongoing Israeli occupation. What can be done to address this reality?

Part 4: The Midterm Elections

Matt Duss, Foreign Policy Advisor to Senator Bernie Sanders

Part 3: The Evangelical Community

Rev. Dr. Jacqui Lewis, Lisa Sharon Harper, and Dr. Bruce Fisk

Part 2: American Institutions 

Peter Beinart and Nizar Farsakh

Part 1: Past and Present

Dr. Jim
 Zogby and Jeremy Ben-Ami