For over a decade, Combatants for Peace has embodied and served as a model for our values of freedom, democracy, security and dignity for all. We envision Combatants for Peace as a strong, significant, influential bi-national community – a community that exemplifies viable cooperation: co-resistance to the occupation and violence, which forms the basis for future co-existence. Through joint nonviolence in the present, they lay the foundations for a nonviolent future.


The Combatants work towards a two state solution in the 1967 borders, OR any other mutually agreed upon solution that will allow both Israelis and Palestinians to live in freedom, security, democracy and dignity in their homeland. American Friends of Combatants for Peace serves as the Combatants’ fiscal sponsor in the USA and an education and fundraising arm to support their work.


  • We wish to humanize both sides of the conflict by sharing the Combatants’ personal stories of transformation from violence to non-violence.
  • We seek to bring the Combatants’ aspirations and message to Americans of all faiths and backgrounds, and to introduce their values-based model into the mainstream discourse on Israeli-Palestinian peace.
  • We aim to shift conventional attitudes in the USA from those of enmity and fear into those of peace building.
  • We strive to influence political, religious and otherwise influential leaders and bring them into alignment with the goals of Combatants for Peace.
  • We seek to expand fiscal support for Combatants for Peace in order to help them achieve their goals in Israel and Palestine.
  • We provide hope and remind the American public: ‘There is Another Way!’