Local - Regional Groups

Building a Bi-National, Egalitarian Community

Regional Groups in Palestine and Israel

House Meetings

Humanizing the “Enemy” – Sharing Personal Stories

Read The Personal Stories & Testimonials of our Activists

House Meetings

Israeli-Palestinian Joint Memorial Ceremony

Sharing Grief & Building Hope:
Joint Israeli-Palestinian Memorial Ceremony

Israeli-Palestinian Joint Memorial Ceremony

Theater of the Oppressed, Bread & Puppets

Art & Theater:
Inspiring Social Change, Healing Society and Ourselves

Bread & Puppets

Theater of the Oppressed

Programs in Schools & Pre-military Trainings

Women's Group

Empowering Women Leaders

Women’s Group

Sumud Freedom Camp, Susya & Khan Al Ahmar

Helping Palestinian Communities to stay on their land:
Home Is A Human Right

Sumud Freedom Camp 

Khan Al Ahmar


Demonstrations, Rebuilding Homes & Schools, Providing Water, Protecting Olive Groves

Learning Peace Seminars, Tours of Israel and Palestine, Disturbing the Peace Screenings

Jordan Valley Coalition

Protecting Communities from Violence

Jordan Valley Coalition

Non-Violent Communication Trainings, Non-Violent Action Trainings