Alan Feldman, President

Teacher, Head of School
Researcher & Scientist

As an educational researcher, Alan has helped develop models for student research that connect classrooms across the country and across the world.


Ben Linder, Vice-President

Co-owner of LunchBots, an environmentally sustainable lunchbox manufacturer
Ben Linder was born in Jerusalem and emigrated to the US as a child in 1976. During his time in Silicon Valley, Ben served as a leader in J Street’s local chapter, and as a liaison to Rep. Anna Eshoo.

Mindy Mercado, Treasurer

Oncology Regulatory Affairs Professional

Mindy has served in Global Regulatory Affairs since 2012. She works as a conduit between local (US) and global scientific teams and national health authorities.


Don Raphael, Treasurer

Chief Executive Officer and a Director, at Italfoods

Don Raphael started his career as a CPA for Grant Thornton in the early 1980’s. Currently he has been the Chief Executive Officer and a Director, at Italfoods,


Luma Eldin, Secretary

Creative Strategist & Organizational Consultant

Luma is a creative strategist who applies a design thinking approach of problem solving to her work. Based on this approach, she develops research, strategies, and implementation programs for her clients.


Aziz Abu Sarah

Founder and CEO Mejdi Tours
First Palestinian to run for Mayor of Jerusalem

Aziz Abu Sarah is an entrepreneur, speaker, peace builder and author. He is a National Geographic Explorer and a TED Fellow. In 2009, Aziz co-founded MEJDI Tours.


Lisa Genn

Lawyer, Community Organizer & Activist

Lisa works with leaders in communities most deeply affected by societal injustices on community-based campaigns improving civic literacy, engagement and empowering underserved communities in the political arena


Gili Getz

Photojournalist, Actor, and Activist

Gili Getz is an Israeli-American artist. He served as a military photographer for the Israeli army and as a news editor for Ynet. His work in recent years has been focusing on American Jewish political activism.


Nizar Farsakh

Middle East Expert, Farsakh Training & Consulting, LLC

Nizar Farsakh is a trainer, private consultant, and public speaker who focuses his work around leadership, negotiation and advocacy. He has served as an adviser to senior Palestinian leaders:


Annie Berdy

Entrepreneur & Philanthropist

Annie built a successful commercial real estate company and now applies her resources to nurturing the ecosystem of Palestinian and Israeli activists transforming the current inequities and injustice through innovative community building grassroots initiatives.


Sulaiman Khatib

Co-founder of Combatants for Peace

Sulaiman Khatib is Co-Founder of Combatants for Peace, and was nominated for the 2017 & ’18 Nobel Peace Prize, on behalf of Combatants for Peace.