Dr. James J. Zogby

Founder and President of the Arab American Institute
Member of the Executive Committee of the Democratic National Committee

Dr. James J. Zogby co-founded the Arab American Institute in 1985 and continues to serve as its president. He is a member of the Executive Committee of the Democratic National Committee and was twice appointed by President Obama to the United States Commission on International Religious Freedom in 2013.


Professor Galia Golan

Internationally Acclaimed Israeli Peace Activist, Scholar and Author
Steering Committee Member of Combatants for Peace

Galia Golan, PhD, has also been a leading Israeli peace activist for many decades, having co-founded and served in the leadership of Peace Now and a number of women’s local and international peace groups. Currently she a leading member of Combatants for Peace.


Reverend Dr. Serene Jones

President of Union Theological Seminary
President of the American Academy of Religion

A highly respected scholar and public intellectual, the  Rev. Dr. Serene Jones is the 16th President of the historic Union Theological Seminary in the City of New York. The first woman to head the 180-year-old institution, Jones occupies the Johnston Family Chair for Religion and Democracy.


Letty Cottin Pogrebin

Founder of Ms Magazine
Author & Activist

Letty Cottin Pogrebin is an author, activist, and national lecturer.
 A founding editor and writer for Ms. Magazine, Pogrebin is also the author of eleven books, including her latest novel, Single Jewish Male Seeking Soul Mate, published in 2015, and the acclaimed 2013 guidebook, How to Be a Friend to a Friend Who’s Sick.


Aziz Abu Sarah

Founder and CEO Mejdi Tours
First Palestinian to run for Mayor of Jerusalem

Aziz Abu Sarah is an entrepreneur, speaker, peace builder and author. He is a National Geographic Explorer and a TED Fellow. In 2009, Aziz co-founded MEJDI Tours, a cultural exploration vehicle for an ever-changing travel market.


Sidney Topol

Innovator and Entrepreneur

Sidney Topol was born in 1924 in Dorchester, Massachusetts. His parents were Yiddish speaking immigrants from Poland. Topol enlisted in the Army Air Corp during WWII, where he was trained as a radar officer. In the Boston area, Topol has served on the board of the American Jewish Committee, the Jewish Community Relations, Council of Greater Boston, and Combined Jewish Philanthropies of Greater Boston.