Franke Wilmer

Professor of Political Science & International Relations, Montana State University

Franke Wilmer has written three books and numerous articles and book chapters on issues of political violence and identity, gender and politics, human rights, and conflict and peace studies.


Michelle Gawerc

Associate Professor of Sociology and Global Studies, Loyola University Maryland

Michelle I. Gawerc’s research lies at the intersection of social movements and peace and conflict studies with a focus on Israel/Palestine.


David Elcott

Taub Professor of Practice in Public Service and Leadership at the Wagner School of Public Service at NYU

David Elcott works at the intersection of community building, cross-boundary engagement, and interfaith and ethnic organizing/activism.


Donna J. Perry

Associate Professor at the University of Massachusetts Medical School Graduate School of Nursing.

Donna Perry’s research is conducted using a theory she developed on the evolution of human and ecological dignity called transcendent pluralism.


Nancy Stern

Associate Professor of Linguistics and Education, The City College of New York (CUNY)

Nancy Stern’s research and publications are in the areas of English grammar, bilingualism and teacher education.


Stephen Zunes

Professor of Politics and International Studies at the University of San Francisco

Recognized as one the country’s leading scholars of U.S. Middle East policy and of strategic nonviolent action.


Sherman Teichman

Founding Director Emeritus, Institute for Global Leadership.

Non-resident Research Associate Centre for International Studies, Oxford University & Senior Fellow of the Carr Center for Human Rights Policy, Harvard University


Gordon Lafer

Professor at University of Oregon's Labor Education & Research Center

Gordon Lafer is a Research Associate with the Economic Policy Institute in Washington, DC.


Rachel Feldman

Assistant Professor of Religious Studies, Franklin & Marshall College

Rachel Feldman specializes in the Anthropology of Religion with a focus on Judaic Studies, Gender Studies, and the Middle East.


Benina Gould

Adjunct Professor, Department of Transformative Social Change, Saybrook University

Dr. Gould focuses her research on issues of  ‘Youth and Religion,” primarily on understanding Youth, Islamophobia and religious tolerance in schools.


Joel Federman

Chair, Department of Transformative Social Change, Saybrook University.

Writer, Teacher, and Activist.