The Times of Israel:

8,000 Join Israeli Palestinian Bereaved Families For Memorial Day Ceremony.

Israel Prize-winning author David Grossman, whose son was killed in the Second Lebanon War, blasts Liberman’s attempt to ‘silence bereaved families.’ Read More


Bereaved Israelis and Palestinians Join in Shared Grief at Alternative Memorial Day Event.

High Court overruled Defense Minister who tried to block attendance of bereaved Palestinians. Last year’s event was marred by violent right wing protests. Read More

Reversing Government Decision, Top Court Lets Bereaved Palestinians Enter Israel for Joint Memorial Day Ceremony.

Throwing out the Defense Minister’s claim that Ceremony by bereaved Israeli and Palestinian families is in ‘Bad Taste.’ Court calls Lieberman’s decision insensitive. Read More

Seeing the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict From Both Sides of the Separation Wall – and on It

In its West Bank premiere, the award-winning documentary ‘Disturbing the Peace’ was screened on the barrier separating Israel from the territory. Towards the end of the documentary “Disturbing the Peace,” Operation Protective Edge erupts. One of the protagonists, Sulaiman…
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Amid violence, Israelis and Palestinians march for peace in Jerusalem

By Oren Liebermann and Tim Hume, CNN

Rare glimmers of hope were on display Saturday evening as hundreds of Israelis and Palestinians marched through the streets of central Jerusalem in a joint peace rally… Read More

The Israelis and Palestinians uniting for peace

By amanpour

Christiane Amanpour speaks to Shifa al-Qudsi and Chen Alon from Combatants for Peace, a group of Israelis and Palestinians working for peace together… Read More

New York Times:

Review: ‘Disturbing the Peace’ Profiles Israelis and Palestinians United Against Violence


How much bloodshed can a divided populace stand? In Stephen Apkon and Andrew Young’s documentary, “Disturbing the Peace,” we meet Combatants for Peace, an advocacy-activist group comprising Israelis and Palestinians who have reached their limit and renounced violence. Most are former military or paramilitary personnel seeking a two-state solution to Israel’s agonized convulsions. Their stories are compelling — and persuasive… Read More

Once Devoted to Suicide Bombing, She Now Embraces a Peaceful Jihad


She knew that once she put on the explosive belt, there would be no turning back. She knew it would rip her limb from limb, reducing her to a bloody pulp. She knew it would leave her only daughter an orphan.

But she also knew this: It would kill Israelis. With luck, a lot of them. And that was reason enough to do it… Read More


Middle East families united by grief

In the conflict between Israelis and Palestinians, many people on both sides seem unable to acknowledge the legitimacy of an opposing point of view – but there are exceptions. Jeremy Grange met two of them in the West Bank village of Aram… Read More

Bereaved activist renews peace call

By Martin Patience

BBC News, Anata, West Bank

A Palestinian peace activist whose 10-year-old daughter was killed during a clash between Israeli police and stone-throwing Palestinians says his daughters death will not stop him from working with Israelis to promote peace…. Read More

Al Jeezera:

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Jerusalem Post:

Hundreds participate in Israeli-Palestinian Freedom March

By Udi Shaham July 16, 2016 09:46

The protesters marched towards road 60 and walked all the way to the tunnels checkpoint, separating Bethlehem area from Jerusalem.

Some 600 Israelis and Palestinians participated on Friday in the ‘Israeli-Palestinian Freedom March,’ held by the Tunnels Checkpoint at the West Bank…Read More

Ex-foes, seeking peace, meet at Jerusalem Film Fest


Disturbing the Peace will be shown next Thursday evening on the wall of the Jerusalem security barrier for residents of the West Bank.

Former Israeli soldiers participated in a panel discussion on Thursday at the Jerusalem Film Festival with Palestinians who had served jail sentences on terror charges, after the premiere of a documentary about their joint mission to forge equality and peace…Read More

Palestinians, Israelis Block Route 60 to Protest ‘Occupation.’

By Josh Dell January 17, 2016 01:47

A rally and speeches near the checkpoint marked the culmination of what was an impassioned and peaceful march.

Amid a cacophony of car horns, hundreds of Israelis, Palestinians, and people from around the world made a loud and unavoidable statement on Friday. Lined up along the width of Route 60, only a kilometer or two before the Tunnels checkpoint leading south from Jerusalem to Bethlehem,…Read More

Huffington Post:

Disturbing the Peace: A Vision of Hope

By Regina Weinreich

The PeadeThe riveting documentary Disturbing the Peace takes a hard look at the Middle East conflict from the perspective of former enemy combatants, some of whom have spent significant prison time, who are now challenging the status quo and finding ways to shatter a destructive narrative of war…Read More

i24 News:

Thousands of Israelis, Palestinians Commemorate Memorial Day in Joint Ceremony.

Around 8,000 people arrived in Tel Aviv’s HaYarkon Park to attend the polarizing 13th annual joint Israeli-Palestinian memorial service in honor of fallen victims on both sides of the ongoing conflict, after the defense minister’s order to deny… Read More

Larry Yates Interview :

Larry Yates As Is - Live Now

Disturbing the Peace A Film of Human Potential

Posted by Larry Yates on Thursday, November 17, 2016

J Weekly:

Veterans of Israeli-Palestinian Conflict Bring Message of Peace to Bay Area

By Maya Mirsky

Palestinian Muslim and an Israeli Jew soon will stand together in a dozen locations around Northern California and make their pleas for an end to the conflict between their peoples. “I want people to hear my story, and see and hear that violence can’t bring peace,” said Mohamed Owedah, who will be taking part in the local talks scheduled for Nov. 2-10. Read More…


Combatants for Peace

Hunter Stuart on July 30, 2016

Sulaiman “Souli” Khatib was only 13 when he first joined the Palestinian organisation Fatah. The next year, he and a friend stabbed Israeli soldiers, and were sentenced to 15 and 18 years in prison respectively.

Over the next ten years, while incarcerated in Israeli prisons, Khatib read ceaselessly about historical figures who had achieved freedom from oppression for their people. “I studied the movements of Gandhi… Read More

The NOWMAN Show:


‘No military solution’ say Israeli, Palestinian ex-fighters

By Daoud Kuttab Posted July 18, 2016

The request for a travel permit seemed terribly innocent. An international filmmaker was debuting a film about Israeli and Palestinian peace activists and wanted the Palestinian activist to be present at the premier in West Jerusalem. But the Israeli authorities denied Shifa al-Qudsi’s request.

In an interview with Al-Monitor, Qudsi expressed perplexity, though she wasn’t totally surprised… Read More

The Guardian

Israelis and Palestinians unite for peace – and theatre

Theatre troupe Combatants for Peace use their participatory theatre approach to find out what UK audiences would do in their shoes

Nour Shehadah and Chen Alon are both shaven-headed fathers in their forties. Shehadah is Palestinian and he spent five years in an Israeli prison for his activities as a leader of his local Fatah military… Read More