Guy Felixbrodt

Guy Felixbrodt is a life long educator, who has worked with all ages between one and twenty one and beyond. Guy is passionate about learning on the move through games, athleticism and juggling.

“During my time as a Navy officer we were patrolling the waters beyond the Gaza Strip shores to prevent the infiltration of terrorists and/or weapons and ammunition. In one of the patrols we had to stop a fishing boat and inspect it. After calling the fisherman to halt, firing my gun in the air, and finally firing a big shell near his boat, he stopped. His large nets were almost tangled and he was relieved when we let him go and he could continue on his journey. I saw in that instance how each side was trying to go about their mission, and yet how they collided. I realized how little I know about my “neighbors” life and that there’s so much for me to learn. Ever since then I have pursued that knowledge and peace both in my homeland and in America. To this day I am still inspired by the late prime minister Rabin’s words: “ Peace is made with enemies”


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