Interested in becoming a Combatant for Peace? Consider Hosting a Fundraising Party! Throw an event and Support the Movement.

Planning your party is easy:

  • Choose the date to host your party and invite all your family and friends.
  • We will email you a “Party Package” with instructive and informational materials to guide the fundraising and to show your guests how important it is to support the movement.
  • Host your party, accept CFP donations, screen the documentary (Buy Now), dance, play and have fun!
  • We can provide you with a preaddressed postage paid envelope to mail in your guest’s donations and any guest contact information you gathered.

The goals of the party are threefold: fundraising, advocacy/awareness, and growing our network in the USA. All proceeds from the party will go to supporting the Combatants activities on the ground in Israel & Palestine.

Contact Us To Host a Party for Combatants for Peace