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Memorial Ceremony Tour in Israel and Palestine

April 30 – May 8, 2019

Registration is currently closed, but we do have spaces available – and can register people by phone until the trip is full. Please Email Beth@afcfp.org to inquire.
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Memorial Ceremony 

May 7, 2019

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Solidarity Protest with Adnan Ghayith, Jerusalem Governor

Wednesday November 28th, at The Hizma Roundabout on 3:30 PM
Palestinian National organizations and collations in Jerusalem invites you join the solidarity Protest with Adnan Ghayith. Jerusalem’s Governor Adnan Ghayith was arrested by Israeli occupation forces earlier in the week without any reason; he is among nearly two dozen Palestinian leaders who were detained by the occupation since the start of this week.

Building Water Reservoirs in the West Bank

November 24, 2018
We set out to Halat Machul and Hadidiya. A month ago, before the rains began, we dug water tunnels in Halat Machul. Now it was time to plaster and reinforce them so they will hold up throughout the winter. In addition, we dug new water tunnels for the neighboring Hadida community which has undergone demolition by the army this past week. This community has remained without shelter, now that the winter is here. In addition to the humanitarian aspect, we do these actions as part of our ongoing struggle against expulsion of Palestinian population from their land, and promotion of their right to hold on to their land and profit from it and from it’s natural resources such as rain water.

Tour in Germany

November 10-25, 2018
Tour with Combatants activists throughout Germany. We talked to students, activists, human rights organizations, teachers, politicians and government officials to spread our message! We want to thank each one of you for welcoming us with such open hearts and support our way of creating an alternative reality for Israelis and Palestinans alike!

Two Day Theater Workshop

November 10 & 11, 2018
The Combatants for Peace Theater group conducted a two-day workshop for CfP members to learn how theater can be used as a nonviolent activist tool.

Building a Playground

November 10, 2018
Combatants activists will be building a playground adjacent to a school for Palestinian children in Area C, in the Jordan Valley. The Israeli military controls this region (60% of the West Bank), but offers no resources for these children. Our effort will provide them a safe place to play while at school. Please use our contact page and let us know if you would like to attend.

Run for Freedom

November 4, 2018
Just as Gandhi walked to bring an end to the occupation of India in the Great Salt March, activists all over the world are running to bring awareness and attention to the occupation of Palestine. Everyone, all over the world is welcome to run with us. You can join our cause if you are an experienced marathoner or are only able to run a few miles. Read more…

A Reason For Hope, Tour in Israel and Palestine

November 2-11, 2018

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Olive Harvest

October 26, 2018
Combatants activists will be working with a Palestinian community in the West Bank to harvest their olives. The presence of the activists not only aids the harvest, but protects the community from violence by either the military or settlers. Please use our contact page and let us know if you would like to attend.

Nablus Tour

October 26, 2018
CFPs Tel Aviv/Nablus Group invites you on a tour to the area of Nablus, to see the reality of the occupation and learn what you can do against it. We will talk about the settlements in the area and meet with our Palestinian activists to learn how it is to live a life under occupation. The bus leaves from in front of Tel Aviv Savidor Train Station (Central Station) at 9:00, we return approx. at 16:00. The tour does not go through restricted areas and security coordination is not required. Join us!

Sit-In in Khan Al Ahmar

July-October 2018
Join us in Khan al Ahmar, as activists prepare for the imminent destruction of the village and the local school by the Israeli army. The Israeli courts have given the green light to the demolition, and activists are standing by to block the bulldozers with their bodies; record, publicize and call attention to this needless destruction; and as much as possible, protect the villagers from violence. Approximately 180 families live in this village, and a similar number of children depend on the local school. The military is destroying this Bedouin community in order to make way for a new Jewish settlement (a Jewish-only, gated community). This move is not only harmful and hurtful to the local villagers and children, but it also further jeopardizes the possibility of a peaceful solution, undermines the possibility of a free Palestinian State and it destroys the viability of a two-state solution – and of course it is also completely illegal under international law!
Help us Save Khan al Ahmar and protect the people of Palestine AND Israel!

Building a Playground

October 20, 2018
The work began on a playground in Jib el Dib, a Palestinian community near Bethlehem. The movement will be building a playground for a local school – providing the children a safe place to play outside. The playground will be finished November 1oth.

Steering Committee Meeting

October 19, 2018
We are living in times where it is very easy to get frustrated. The ongoing crisis in Gaza, the ongoing threat of demolition of Khan al Ahmar and other Palestinian villages, settlement expansions, the rise of right-wing ideas in our societies. We took the time in our steering committee to reflect on our strategy and our way. Challenges are huge but we all feel that being silent is not an option. So we took new energy and continue our way of creating an alternative reality and meetings like this give us hope and motivation, that it is possible!

EU Delegation Tour

October 18, 2018
A tour for an EU delegation from different countries, hosted by three Combatants activists in the region of Diar Estia and Wadi Qana in northern West Bank. The delegation was briefed on the theft of land and water by the settlers. Members of the movement also presented their personal stories. The meeting ended by answering questions by the audience.

Olive Harvest

October 13, 2018
Combatants activists will be working with a Palestinian community in the West Bank to harvest their olives. The presence of the activists not only aids the harvest, but protects the community from violence by either the military or settlers. Please use our contact page and let us know if you would like to attend.

Talk with Human Rights Monitors

October 12, 2018
Combatants activists spoke with dozens of international volunteers who came to Israel/Palestine as part of the Ecumencial Accompaniment Programme in Israel and Palestine. The volunteers serve as human rights monitors who witness life under occupation and go home to promote change. The volunteers undergo a month-long training and it was within that framework that CFP activists spoke to them. Our activists told their personal stories, and through those stories, the current situation in Israel and Palestine and how CFP seeks to intervene in it. Following that meeting 50 members of the group visited Khan al Ahmar and talked at length with several more CfP activists who have been a part of the ongoing solidarity presence there.

Learning Peace Seminar

October 6, 2018
On the occasion of the release of the book “Emptied Lands”, Combatants for Peace invites you to a special LEARNING PEACE event in Haifa next Saturday. Prof. Sandy Kedar from the faculty of Law at Haifa University will speak about “The new National Law and Land Policy in Israel”. We discussed if the new Nation-State Law will create a change in Israel’s land policy.

Olive Harvest

October 6, 2018
Combatants activists will be working with a Palestinian community in the West Bank to harvest their olives. The presence of the activists not only aids the harvest, but protects the community from violence by either the military or settlers. Please use our contact page and let us know if you would like to attend.

Balloons & Protest Tent in Khan al Ahmar & Kfar Adumim Settlement

October 2, 2018
What a day in Khan Al Ahmar! Settlers from the nearby Kfar Adumim Settlement released their waste water to Khan Al Ahmar. In a symbolic act we filled this sewage water in bottles and brought it back to the settlers. We opened a protest tent in front of the settlement asking to immediately stop this aggression. We released hundreds of balloons from Khan al Ahmar, demanding the cancellation of the demolition. These balloons are expected to land all over Israel. We marched, Palestinians and Israelis together on the main highway to let everyone know what is going on in this village. We will not be silenced! And we wont stop until the people in Khan Al Ahmar have a guarantee that they can stay!

Letter to German Chancellor Merkel

October 1, 2018
German Chancellor Merkel is coming to Jerusalem tomorrow. We wrote her a letter on the upcoming demolition of Khan al Ahmar:

Dear Mrs. Chancellor, Dr. Angela Merkel,
we warmly welcome You to Jerusalem! We, Israelis and Palestinians, all former fighters in the endless wars our region has gone through, would like to address you with urgency regarding the village of Khan Al Ahmar. We call upon you to also listen to us, a vivid civil society of Israelis and Palestinians, who work for equality and justice for our both peoples on the ground.

While you are dining with Israeli Premier Benjamin Netanyahu and consult within the Israeli Knesset, you should know that at the same time, there are people living in constant fear of losing their homes. In the next days, a village for hundreds of Palestinian Bedouins and a school for more than 100 students, will be demolished and the people forcefully evicted – just half an hour from Jerusalem.
Khan al Ahmar has become a symbol of hope in the civil, non-violent resistance against Israeli settlement policies. We, members of Combatants for Peace, together with many internationals, and other Israeli and Palestinian civil society organizations, have been present in Khan Al Ahmar since weeks, around the clock, to protect the village from demolition.

It is even more than “just” demolishing the homes of dozens of families – it creates another hard fact on the ground, and the Israeli settlement policy, illegal by international law, would move a big step forward, if the demolition takes place. The occupied territories would be basically split in two parts, if the village gets demolished and the surrounding settlements get extended.
With appreciation, we have followed the statement of the European Union to immediately stop the demolition order for Khan Al Ahmar, but we are in times, where lose statements do not help anymore.

We see Germany as an influential friend of our Jewish-Israeli society, and as a friend of our Palestinian people. Therefore, we call upon you to convince the Israeli government to stop the demolition of the village of Khan al Ahmar. This is in the interest of all of us who believe in
coexistence and peace for Palestinians and Israelis alike. History has taught us, violence leads to nothing more than even more desperation, frustration and more violence.
We invite you to meet with us and listen to our personal stories. We have served in the Israeli army and we were fighters in the violent Palestinian resistance. We all understood that this endless circle of destruction does not lead to anything. We all went through a deep personal transformation which formed the basis for our movement “Combatants for Peace”. Today, it is the largest, joint Israeli-Palestinian peace movement. We work towards another reality in our region every day, where Israelis and Palestinians live side by side in peace and dignity, with equal rights for all. Clearly, the occupation is the biggest obstacle in achieving that. Please help us to make our dream come true!

In November, 19th – 23rd, representatives of Combatants for Peace will come to Berlin. We would love to get in touch with you and convince you that there is another way. A way of hope for Israelis and Palestinians alike.

With our highest esteem,
In peace from Israel and Palestine,
Combatants for Peace

Read More in Haaretz

Drawing a Smile

September 20-21, 2018
Combatants for Peace organized a recreational activity for the children of Khan al Ahmar called “Drawing a Smile on Children’s Faces”. Thursday, Combatants activists brought face paint to decorate the children’s faces, and one activist dressed up as Micky Mouse and danced with the kids. Even the adults of the community joined in – as did a film crew for Al Jazeera. On Friday morning, 21.09.2018, CFP activists and Khan Al Ahmar children painted and decorated car tires and then everyone then moved to a nearby hilltop overlooking the community, and drew “Khan Al Ahmar” in Arabic letters with stones, and painted them. Later on, the activists went to the Al-Khan Al-Ahmar school where Micky came back and put on a nice show for the children. The children were also given drawing books and crayons to play with. The activity ended just before the midday prayers Friday with activists of CFP handing out toys for the children. This activity aimed to alleviate the effects of the occupation on children and support the steadfastness of the people. The military has decided to demolish the Khan Al Ahmar School and the surrounding Bedouin community. The Bedouins were first displaced by the occupation in 1948 from their original areas in the Negev. Since the occupation began implementing the plan to deport the Al-Khan Al-Ahmar community, CFP activists, both Palestinians and Israelis, have been present to support the steadfastness of the people there.

Building a Water Reservoir

September 16, 2018
Combatants for Peace activists spent the day in the region of Tubas (in the northern West Bank) building a water reservoir for the local Palestinian community. While the settlers and army bases around the village enjoy their fresh, clean water right from the tap, the Palestinians have no access to running water and depend on collecting the rain water in the desert. Clean, safe water access is a human right.

Demanding Freedom of Movement

September 9, 2018
Combatants for Peace activists, in cooperation with a number of anti-occupation & Peace building NGOs organized a protest on Sunday in support of Palestinian farmers from the village of Kafel Haris, in front of Ariel settlement in the northern West Bank. Protesters demanded the farmers rights to reach their land near the settlement. More than two months ago, the new security chief of Ariel decided to prevent local farmers from reaching their own land, which is planted with olive trees. The activists and farmers demanded that the farmers be allowed farmers to reach their lands, especially as the olive harvest season approaches! The Olive harvest supports the livelihood of 25,000 Palestinian families from different parts of the West Bank. After more than two hours of demonstrations, the soldiers agreed to allow farmers to pass, and agreed to allow for permanent access in the future.

Protest in Qalqas, West Bank

September 7
Denying Freedom of movement is WRONG. Combatants for Peace will stand up for what is RIGHT. Dozens of activists from Combatants for Peace joined the residents of Qalqas village, in south of Hebron, in a march demanding the opening the village entrance, which the Israeli military closed for the last 14 years. Friday prayers were held near the dirt barrier erected by the occupation, and then the participants gathered at the closed entrance of the village where Israeli soldiers prevented them from reaching the nearby Road 60. The participants chanted anti-occupation slogans and demanded the opening of the street. “The closure of this street causes permanent suffering to the residents and it is a clear violation of human rights. There is no justification for the occupation to keep this street closed. So we will continue our resistance until the entrance to the village is open. “Adam Rabee, the Palestinian activities coordinator of CFP. Since 2002, the Israeli occupation has closed the main entrance leading to the village from road 60, mainly used by Israeli settlers, forcing residents to use a 30 kilometer road to reach Hebron. The closure of the entrance to the village impedes the movement of residents to and from their work, exposes school-aged children to car “accidents” by settlers and obstructs the access of health services to the village. This week, after years of court cases, the Israeli court decided to keep the road closed.

Protest in Khan Al Ahmar

September 7th, 2018
CFP members joined scores of local, international and Israeli activist in the Friday prays and a protest in Khan Al Ahmar Bedouin community. This week, the Israeli military court decided to give the green light to the army to demolish the Bedouin community in the Al Khan Al Ahmar area located between Jerusalem and Jericho in the Central West Bank. CFP have joined dozens of activists from other institutions and residents of the area since July 2018. Israeli bulldozers began to build roads in the Al Khan Al Ahmar area in preparation for the destruction and deportation of the Bedouin population. The region is home to more than 50 Bedouin families. In June, the Israeli occupation forces attacked the demonstrators, injuring more than 12 civilians, including one from CFP. The occupation also arrested three foreign solidarity activists during the protests. Since June, the occupation authorities have decided to demolish their homes and deport them to an area next to a garbage dump outside of Jerusalem that the department of health has deemed unfit for human habitation. The children’s school in Khan Al Ahmar serves nearly 200 children, all of these children will be left without a school. The Bedouins of the Al-Khan Al-Ahmar area were originally displaced from the Negev in 1948.

Solidarity Tour with Breaking the Silence

September 2nd, 2018
The tour visited the settler outpost of Mitzpe Yair in the occupied South Hebron Hills, where settlers violently attacked six human rights activists from Ta’ayush last week. The Israeli army first tried to stop the tour through a military order and later, when we arrived, detained Breaking the Silence director Avner Gvaryahu, Achiya Schatz as well as human rights attorney Michael Sfard.

50+ Backpacks & School Supplies for Bedouin Children

August 30, 2018
Marking the new school year of 2018/2019 the Jericho-Jerusalem group of Combatants for Peace handed-out more than 50 school bags full of school supplies to children at a number of Bedouin communities in the Jordan valley in the central West Bank. These children would otherwise have no access to school supplies and the CFP activist came to support their right to education, despite living through with school and home demolitions, frequent confiscation of their family’s livestock and lack of water access.

Bethlehem Tour

August 17, 2018
Combatants activists, in partnership with the Parents Circle, led a tour of the Bethlehem area to show Israelis the reality of the situation in the occupied areas. In order for healing to take place and human rights to be established, the truth of the occupation must be revealed. There is no other way.

Protest of the Nation-State Law

August 12, 2018
Combatants for Peace activists join tens of thousands of protesters in Rabin Square to protest the racist nation-state law. We demand equality for ALL people, regardless of race or religion!!! This was the largest joint protest of Jews and Arabs in the history of israel. There Is Another Way!

There have been massive demonstrations in Tel Aviv against the recently enacted a new Basic Law known as the “Nation-State” law. As Israel has no written constitution, a number of Basic Laws have been enacted over the years which are difficult to change and serve as a constitution.
The protests to the Nation-State law revolve around it prioritizing Jewish citizens, omitting even the word equality (or democracy) from the law as it lays out the official language, symbols, holidays and building preference for Jews, ignoring mention of minority citizens of the state. It does mention Arabic, which has been demoted from an official language to one of “special” status. In essence, the Nation State Law divides the citizenry, prioritizing Jewish citizens while ignoring non-Jewish minorities, most notably the 20% of Israelis who are Arabs. 

Normally CfP does not deal with domestic Israeli issues not directly linked to the occupation or the occupied territories, but since this new law so changes the very character of Israel and flaunts the essence of democracy, namely the principle of equality, the movement has felt it essential to join in the protests. The first step has been to participate as a movement in the mass demonstrations. Further, we plan to conduct at least one or two “Learning Peace” events on the topic as well.


Bethlehem Tour

July 28, 2018
A CFP tour of Bethlehem, showing people the reality of the human rights crisis on the ground. Only through education will we expand awareness and heal the situation.

Storytelling training/workshop

July 28, 2018
Part of the training for CFP activists on personal story telling in front of local and international audience. The course started on Friday July 27th and will end on Saturday 28th in the city of Beit Jala. During the training, participants will be trained on how to tell their personal stories and how they deliver it to the public. The first day had an intensive program of training and concluded with a screening of “Disruption the Peace” film by American director Steve Apkon, which highlights the movement work and nonviolent struggle against the occupation.

New Members Meeting

August 11-12, 2018
Two day new recruits workshop that was held at Beit Jala town southern West Bank. During the day veteran CFP members took turns in doing lectures and groups sessions to explain the objectives of CFP and its continued work in the nonviolence resistance against the occupation. At the end of the first day, new members watched the film, “Disturbing the Peace.”

Planning Meeting with the Mayor

July 27, 2018
Meeting with the mayor of Bani Naem in south Hebron to discuss a partnership and working together on starting new activities in his area with Combatants for Peace.

Meeting with International Students

July 27, 2018
Combatants activists speaking to a group of Italian youth visiting for a 15 day scout camp.

Youth Group Meeting

July 21, 2018
Today we started with the first meeting of our newly established youth group on the Palestinian side of CFP. Our activists Khouloud, Jameel and Nazih facilitated a workshop on CFP’s way of nonviolent resistance. Ahlan wa Sahlan (“welcome”) to all Newcomers!


House Meetings in Hebron & the Negev

July 19, 2018
Our regular house meetings, like these ones in Hebron and the Negev desert aim to provide a platform for getting to know each other, exchange our personal stories and plan our joint nonviolent resistance for peace and dignity.

A Month of Sit-Ins in Khan Al Ahmar

July, 2018
Updates from Khan al Ahmar: People in Khan Al Ahmar are still living in uncertainty. While an official court decision has postponed the demolition, the army has declared the village as a closed military zone and prepares everything for the demolition. We will stay in solidarity, day and night, until the order has been cancelled completely!

Screening on Independence Hall

July 7, 2018
Screening photographs and video footage of police/military violence against Palestinian civilians in the West Bank onto the outside wall of the Independence Hall in Tel Aviv. 

Disturbing the Peace Screening

June 24th, 1:30pm
Boston center for psychoanalysis
1581 Beacon St. Brookline, MA
More Information / Event Flyer

Protests against the Seize in Gaza

May 15
“We will block the road until you stop the fire in Gaza” – Solidarity protest now in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. More than 1000 people went to the streets in Jaffa, Tel Aviv and Jerusalem in a joint protest against the killings in Gaza and against the decades of Israeli occupation of the Palestinian people in a joint protest of Combatants for Peace and many other Peace groups, blocking one of the main streets in Tel Aviv. Arabs and Jews refuse to be enemies!

May 18
Protesters demand an end to the violence at the Gaza border! Remove the siege!

May 20
Tonight in Haifa: 500 Israelis and Palestinias clearly demand: remove the siege of Gaza! We won’t sit on the side while the Israeli government leads our two peoples into a great disaster. We won’t be silenced when you shoot and kill unarmed protesters in Gaza. The police is using force against activists! It is time to fight together for an Israeli-Palestinian peace, for safety, dignity and respect for our both nations.

May 19, 2018
Following the violent arrest of 22 peaceful demonstrators in a Gaza-Protest on Friday in Haifa, CFP activists among them, we underline the right to free speech and opinion and go back to the streets tonight! Join our struggle to end the occupation, lift the siege of Gaza and promote a reality, where Israelis and Palestinians can live peacefully side by side in coexistence! Tonight, 20:30, German Colony, Haifa.

Learning Peace Seminar

May 7, 2018
What is going on in occupied Palestine? What kind of strategy is behind the actions of the Israeli government in Area C of the West Bank? Hear the answers given in our “Learning Peace” discussions in Tel Aviv for the Israeli public. Today with a lecture from Lior Amichai from Yesh Din.

New England Tour

April 21-May 4, 2018
Speakers: Shai Eluk, Osama Elewat, Netta Hazan & Kholud Abu-Raeya

Schedule of Events

Bozeman, Montana Film Screening

April 24th, 7:00pm
The Rialto: 10 West Main Street (Doors open at 6pm)
Featuring Osama Elewat and Shai Eluk joining via skype
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Israeli-Palestinian Joint Memorial Ceremony

On April 17, 2018 we witnessed history. 8,000 people came to the joint Israeli-Palestinian Memorial Ceremony, marking it as one of the largest Ceremonies in all of Israel.  The Ceremony made major headlines all across the mainstream Israeli news media.

To those who say there is no partner for peace on the other side – we say loud and clear: There IS a Partner. Join next year’s Ceremony and see for yourself what courage truly looks like. If we act together, a new era of justice and peace will be upon us. As author David Grossman said in his speech at the Ceremony: “I discovered that every time I am tempted to rage and hate, I immediately feel that I am losing contact with my son. I made my decision. And I believe that those who are here tonight also made the same decision.”

For the last 13 years, the annual Israeli-Palestinian Memorial Ceremony has united thousands worldwide to mourn, hope, and raise our voices for peace. What began as a small ceremony of 50 people in 2005 is now one of the largest Memorial Day events held in all of Israel. We have a powerful message non-violence and mutual dignity, and some would prefer that this message be suppressed. It’s no secret that the right-wing Israeli government and it’s allied political groups are trying to silence organizations like ours, organizations that are taking a stand against the occupation – and a stand against hate.

In 2017, just two days before the event, permits were revoked for hundreds of grieving Palestinians planning to attend the ceremony. We were forced to hold two separate Ceremonies, one in Tel Aviv and one in Beit Jala. In 2018 Permits were again revoked at the last minute – but we went to the Supreme Court of Israel to fight the ruling and we won! Permits were granted and we held the Ceremony together!

In 2017, during and after the event violent demonstrators outside threw urine and garbage on the grieving Israeli families. This year we held meetings with last year’s protesters, introducing them to the movement and listening to their concerns. Slowly, even these people started to open their hearts and transform. The Mayor of Jerusalem tried to shut down these meetings, but again we went to the courts and we won!

In 2018 we were unable to find a venue willing to host us. One excuse after another was offered, from security concerns, to political concerns, to simply, “No!” The only option left was to hold the event outside, in Tel Aviv’s Yarkon Park. It turned out to be a blessing in disguise. Last year the hall in Tel Aviv held 4,000 people, and the rest had to be turned away at the door.
This year, the field in Yarkon Park held 8,000 people!

We will not be silenced.
Together we can end the occupation and bring peace to both peoples.